Sunday, April 6, 2008

Was that thunder?

Nope, it was this SUV smashing into our cement stairs at 1AM last night! It scared the heck out of us, our bedroom window is the top left. By the time we got downstairs and on the phone to 911 the kid driving had jumped out of the car by some miracle and was running up the lawn of a neighbors house covered in blood. The pics are a bit blurry because of the police lights, but it was a nasty mess and I can't believe anyone walked away. Anyone who knows our street knows that there is a curve just before reaching our house. This kid had to have been going 60 mph around that curve, slid off the road, hit 2 trees across the street, head on and the rear right simultaneously, and spun the truck around across the street and into our stairs. Imagine the force that took?! I don't know anything about his condition today, but watching his parents pull up to see him sitting bloody on the side of the road was heart breaking. The neighborhood was sorting through the debri that flew from the car literally all over the place. A tire ended up in our driveway that had come completely off the car when it hit the trees before even coming across the street to our stairs. I'll try to get pics of the skids into the trees and to yard later. I am just amazed the kid could get out of the car and run. He must have smelled the gas leaking from the car and jumped because I know I was waiting for the thing to blow up. On a positive note, Ky never even rolled over during the whole thing!!!! DRIVE SAFE!


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OH MY GOD, ER!! I am so glad you guys are okay!! That must have been so scary! Yikes - makes you think about how fragile life is.