Monday, April 7, 2008

Daisy the Cow....

Daisy has become Ky's new friend. She is a puppet (shh don't tell Kyle) who lives at Mammy Lu's house and Daisy is teaching Kyle to share. Mostly, Daisy likes to share Kyle's deet (binky for the average child). When we leave Mammy's we leave a deet for Daisy the Cow to sleep with. He wasn't too sure about leaving an extra coveted deet behind, but he's warming to the idea. The funniest part is the once cherished Lammy who lives at Mammy's house is again front and center. I'm pretty sure he wants Lammy to know that she will always be 1st in line for Ky's hugs and Daisy is now a close 2nd. Daisy has now been added to the list of people that Kyle believes lives at Mammy's house. When I ask him to get his coat on to go to Mammy's house he runs through the people he hopes to see; Mammy, Papa, Aunt E Erin, Kara, Timmy and now Daisy the Cow! And he mentions how he'll be retrieving the borrowed deet when we get there. He has also included Daisy in his bedtime ritual of saying na-nite to all those people in his life he can name before dozing off. That Daisy the Cow, she's a good friend teaching Kyle kindness, sharing, compassion and reminding him what's important....Lammy!!! Wonder how Mom ranks?

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Suzanne said...

OK - LOVE THE QUOTE TODAY! Thank you for showing me the law of attraction because it works and life is so much better with it!

This is so cute! Kyle is such a sweetheart.

I have a pic of Evan and Kyle on my workdesk - makes me smile to think of their friendship growing as strong as ours is!