Sunday, April 27, 2008

Venting Corner

The shopping cart,Oh for the love of food!
This is the thing that is chasing me in my nightmares!
Ahhh the dreaded Grocery Shopping! Anyone who knows me knows that the chore I dislike most (not that I particularly enjoy any of them) is grocery shopping. This is right up there with making the bed and laundry; a never-ending chore. I really don't mind things like packing away winter clothes and filling the closet with spring stuff 'cause you do it once and don't have to worry about it until the fall, or ....well...I guess that would be the only thing I don't mind. Everything else falls into the never-ending -cycle-thankless- type chore....but food shopping is just plain cruel! Up and down aisle with a toddler who wants "bread, crackers, chocolate milk, cheese" and wants them now! And most times I give in to something because if not he wants "out" and that is just craziness! But honestly that doesn't bother me, not nearly as much as this order of business:
  1. put item into shopping cart
  2. take item out and put it on scanner
  3. put item into bag
  4. put item/bag back into shopping cart
  5. put bag into vehicle
  6. take item out of vehicle
  7. take item out of bag
  8. put item into fridge/cabinet
Anyone see how crazy this is?! I know, I know, just like all the other chores it is a must, but it drives me banana sandwiches (my phrase used in lieu of "$%#^& nuts") Food Shopping fairy, that's my next invention!


mammy said...

Erica this is such a funny blog u should make this a book its better than days of our lives

Erica said...

Whoa, better than Days! For those of you who don't know Mammy's love for Days, that is the highest compliment :)

Suzanne said...

I SO agree with you! Roche Bros Home Delivery is the best!! With 2 kids, you'd have to do the terribly unsexy thing of but the kids in one card, and then pull around the food cart behind you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm on the other side, I've come to enjoy food's my day off! I've tried grocery shopping with 3, never gonna go there again! So, I go when Pete's off...and take my sweet old time;-)

Anonymous said...

And by the way- you can savor these memories & make it into a book! check out

Anonymous said...

me the shopping cart pic. I'm sure people thought you were real normal when taking that shot..