Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is he really 2 years old?

Since the day Kyle was born I have been blessed with a healthy, happy, growing boy. Nothing has changed now, other than it hit me that it has been 2 long years. I say long not as a negative, but as a positive because I have been present for every moment (with the obvious much needed breaks)

For the most part, I have been able to enjoy every one of his accomplishments and bandaged every scratch and boo boo. I have been alone thus far in saying "I don't feel like it's flying" because I've tried to take it all in every step of the way. People always say (me included) I can't believe how fast the summer has gone and I had been saying the opposite until I just looked up and August has FLOWN by and my son is TWO! Wow, when you are busy and not looking closely things can get away from you. So, in keeping with my Fall post I am planning to make the most of this time and when Winter hits I hope to say..."Wow Winter is here?! "Fall was so much fun". And seeing where my intention for this blog was to be a pseudo baby book for Kyle I also need to document some more of his happenings as well. Like the fact that he is now in a BIG BOY BED! I would post a picture, but he scoots out and into my bed in the morning now so I can't quite catch him sleeping. And we all know darn well that I don't get up early for anything! My point overall, enjoy every moment and savor it.....cause even though I once argued the point.... and seem to being using cliches ALOT lately " Time does fly my friends"

The minute after Kyle was born he was already in the spotlight

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Mitchell Girls!

These are the Mitchell girls and my latest photo subjects. Hannah wanted some family photos, so we all hit the beach and got some great shots of them all. This happens to be my favorite. We had a nice time and I've forgotten how perfect the lighting is at sundown on the beach for photos. I love these girls, as does Kyle! To see the photoshoot click here
Mitchell Family Photo's

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fall, what I'm looking fwd to....

Not to say that I am done with the summer or pushing it out or anything, but I LOVE the Fall time. We've been getting little hints of the Fall breeze at night and in the mornings and it excites me for the Fall. Of course Winter follows, so go ahead and take your time Fall, feel free to stay a while, wrap yourself around me and hold on as long as you can.
For some reason August hits and my brain thinks that the beach days are over and I'd better check out American Eagle for there new season of jeans! Have no fear, I'm riding summer all the way through and even hitting the beach a few more times, but I do love the idea of the cool, brisk, cleansing air of September. So many fun things to do in this upcoming time of year that get me feeling like a little kid. Maybe that's where it comes from; the beginning of the school year that makes me feel like September brings new beginnings. Everyone I know feels that way in the Spring and I do agree that the flower buds sprouting clearly brings the feeling of new life and cleansing. But Fall always does it for me for some reason. I love the colors of Fall; deep reds, oranges, browns blooming in my gardens; the smell and sound of crunchy leaves under my new boots. A fresh sweater to break in and snuggle me. Keeping the windows in the house wide open because it's cool enough to shut down the conditioned air and still warm enough to let the house breath in. Hay rides, corn field maze's, apple picking, foliage rides that I now enjoy when I once wondered "why the hell are we going to just drive to NH to look at trees". Camping the fall is the best time of year, no more bugs, camp fires in the back yard with friends and a beer, late night walks. The smell in the air of football games, pumpkin patches, fairs, fishing trips, walks in the woods. Halloween is my favorite Holiday of all time, too. Dressing up, filling the streets with children and adults the same, reminding me of community and that they streets are not to be desolate like they are these days. Apple pies, candy, apple cider. A haunted house that scares me out of my pants and that I can't imagine going back into and can't wait to at the same time. Trying out every one with in a 10 mile range to find it and it's usually the smallest one around the corner that is the success! (this year we are hoping it's our haunted pine grove that takes their breath away)

These are all things that I've done in the past during the Fall, things that remind me of the Fall and things that I love about this time of year. The most exciting thing about this Fall 2008 for me is sharing it with Matt and Kyle. The hectic summer schedule for the business lets up a bit and we grab hold of Matt and pull him back in. Giving Kyle the memories and gifts of the Fall. Showing him what this season is and means to us and with every day he grows and learns, sharing it with him. He is coming into an age where he is so bright and full of life and questions, soaking in every single smell, sound, feeling and word we say. He makes every season and day a new one and an old memory all rolled into one for me. It's nice to show him the world and relive it at the same time. I know that the day will come that I will send him off to school at this time of year and I will be filled with sadness watching him go, miss him terribly and be over the moon proud all at the same time. ( probably the time I start saying, OK maybe we could have another?) So today, I remind myself to enjoy this time. I will only have 1 fall, 2008 when Kyle turned 2 years old to enjoy, so enjoy it dammit!
I love to watch him and Matt take off on Sunday's and go into the woods walking, getting a pic message showing me the fun they are having and knowing that Matt is teaching Kyle everything that he knows and loves about this time of year as well. I like to believe we are creating and contributing to a well-rounded, eye's wide open, question baring individual who will live each day to it's fullest. This is how the fall makes me feel inside and out. Oh and my hair doesn't get frizzy in the fall either :) An added bonus!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just for the record....

....this is my best friend in the whole wide world! I love my little sis more than words could express. No one knows me or understands me like she does and it's a great feeling. Love you, Kell!!!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Future couple of East Taunton?

Quite possibly a future couple right here, you read it first on BeingBatMom. They have already started to raise hell together, they equally enjoy pops, Ky has and in with Bella's dad seeing where he's a fisherman and he's already sneekin' kisses! And Bella is not exactly turning him down :)

Have some cake, kid!

Birthday cake #1. Actual birthday morning at 8:30 A.M. We were at Mammy's house eating cake and ice cream for breakfast. Heck, you're only 2 once, right? I didn't mind eating cake in the morning either!

Cake #2 at 7:00 p.m. that night with Bapa Billy Bob, Deeda, Daddy, Mammy, Uncle Stevie and Aunt Karen. I hope I made sure he brushed his teeth that night!
And last but not least, cake with all his friends and family for his Pizza Party. He was singing to himself "happy birthday dear Kyle" and had a little help blowing out the candles.
Thank you to everyone for coming to the party and making it a special day for Kyle. We are blessed with good friends and family to share life with.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I do it by meself...

that was the phrase I heard from the moment Kyle realized that the lifejackets really work! He's the little one in the middle being pulled by our favorite spot in Jamaica, the lazy river :)

Jamaica Mon!

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Travers
Weeeeere back! The wedding was beautiful, perfect and I couldn't be more happy for Erin & Eddy. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! (see pictures at Picasa link to the right)

Our trip however was a comedy of errors from the start. We will start with the seat for Kyle on the plane that I was sure was included was not, he became lap bound. Ok, he slept for the 1st 2 hours of that flight so no big deal. The plane sat on the runway in Miami waiting for a terminal just long enough to make us late for our connecting flight. We bolted through Miami international to find them calling last boarding call for Grady party of 2 (yup, not 3....2 Uuugh) So we make the flight, we are the last ones to board and Kyle is in rare form. Funny that those terrible two's everybody talks about would begin at that moment. A new "noise" Ky makes is enough to send me to the loony bin, never mind the poor newlywed couple sitting next to this wild family who are sweating, panting, trying to store our carry on's and wrestle a two year old onto my lap who just happens to be screeching the word "hello" over and over and over and....well, you get it. Once we are in the air, we are lucky enough to scoot to the empty row in front of us and snag 3 seats, stuff Ky with snacks and busy him with playing memory while I popped that xanex the Dr. thought I might need. She was right!

We land in Jamaica an hour later to NO LUGGAGE! 9pm in the Jamaican airport which is pretty much desolate at that point, Matt is filling out lost luggage paperwork, Kyle is telling me he wants to hug me cause I'm literally crying. "You crying mama?" We had NOTHING in our carry on's. My camera and enough to keep Kyle happy during the travel. American Airlines tells us "some time after 3pm tomorrow we'll bring your luggage to the resort". Ok, start holding breath now.

The Beaches folks call us the van for transport and hook us up with some Red Stripe for the trip which was MUCH needed at that moment. 1 1/2 hr trip to the resort at night through the true Jamaican streets, Ky passes out and I'm trying to figure out what side of the road we are on so I can stop freaking out when I see headlights coming straight at us. Could be that I was drunk from 1 beer, no food and that xanax in my system that I've never taken before and was informed after the fact that you are not supposed to drink with, oops. Good thing I wasn't in charge of driving. We reach the resort at 11pm and they show us to our room where the crib we requested during the booking wasn't there. A nice man was outside the room assembling a full size crib in no time that became wedged between our bed and the bathroom making for interesting bathroom trips. The gift shop would not be open until 8am so we could purchase the essentials. Seriously, people lose their luggage all the time the desk clerk tells us and in the same breath they have NOTHING to offer us for the in between. Not even 1 toothbrush? Even the Motel 6 would have a toothbrush to spare. Needless to say we slept back to back that night seeing where neither of us had seen a toothbrush in 12 hours! Ewwwww. Day 2, $250.00 at the gift shop and we have what we need to get through the day, a bathing suit top for me (no bottoms available???) Ok, I'll just buy this skirt and swim in my undies...that's cool. The only size swimming shorts for Ky were a tad too big and the shorts for

Matt are still being referred to as "The Weekender 2000's" (see exhibits A & B). Ok, we just laughed about it and left it up to AA to bring us our things later that day like they promised, or maybe after dinner, definitely before bed........Ohhhh I mean 11pm that night! To be continued..............

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kyle!!!!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

We love you more than anything in this world and are blessed with your smile every day. Thank you for making me a better person and making life worth living.

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1100 lb Tuna!

That my darlin' is a big fish! Notice the spinnin' rod Matt is holding? No, he didn't catch it on that, ha ha ha. His buddy owns a harpoon boat.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Crazy week.....

I promise to post about Jamaica and include pics. I even started the post and just haven't had a chance to devote the time to the entire comedy of errors which was our vacation. Anyway, I have been trying to get the apartment next door ready for Erin & Eddy when they return and when the old tenant (I'll refer to him as tenant instead of the name I'd really like to give him) finally got the last of his stuff out on the 3rd I was short a few days for clean-up and repair. I was much too nice to this jerk and let him walk all over me and play his sob story game for two long. My poor mother-in-law was subject to cleaning up the grossest item on the planet found on his bedroom floor (among the mess) and I am disgusted at the way people can be and be treated. It's impossible to do nice things for people who will NEVER appreciate them and in return leave a mess like this guy left. Not to mention being out 3 days late and still owing rent from June. Nice. I am so excited to spend the week cleaning his filth. But I am truly excited to welcome the newlywed Erin & Eddy home to be our new neighbors!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

PMC 2008

Matt's 1st ride in the PMC took place this weekend. Day 1, 4:30 AM, 3 hours sleep after a 20 hour trip back from Jamaica and he's ready to ride! (I'll just stay in bed a bit longer honey, but good luck)! Kyle and I did sleep in a bit longer, but then we hopped in the car, picked up Kara and headed for the 1st day's finish line at Mass Maritime in Bourne. Matt made great time arriving just after 1pm. He said that the outpouring of support every inch of the way was incredible and more than he ever could have imagined. People everywhere, cheering them on, ringing cow bells, jumping up and down and sharing their stories via posterboard. With 5395 riders this year and record breaking fundraising success at 20,000,000 and climbing this is an amazing thing to be a part of. Kyle was very proud of Daddy and happy to meet him at the finish line. Matt grabbed something to eat, we headed home and he fell asleep around 6pm in preparation for day 2.

Day 2 found Matt much more rested and he took off from Bourne around 5:15 Am, he called me at 7:30 to let me know to get on the road because he'd already made it to Yarmouth! We hit the road early and missed the traffic. Just as we entered P-town Matt called to tell me he was about 20 miles out and would arrive at the finish line around 10am. The support was equally as astounding on day 2, people lined the streets with signs and cheers for these riding heros.

As he predicted at 10:10 am Matt rounded the corner of the finish line and therefore completing his 1st PMC in one piece. Actually in great shape! I am very proud of him and all his hard work that went into this ride. I am sure that we will be a part of this for years to come in one way or another. Who knows, maybe someday we can cross that finish line hand in hand.
Hats off to Team L.E.G.S. which is the team Matt road with. Their team alone raised $90k