Friday, August 8, 2008

Jamaica Mon!

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Travers
Weeeeere back! The wedding was beautiful, perfect and I couldn't be more happy for Erin & Eddy. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! (see pictures at Picasa link to the right)

Our trip however was a comedy of errors from the start. We will start with the seat for Kyle on the plane that I was sure was included was not, he became lap bound. Ok, he slept for the 1st 2 hours of that flight so no big deal. The plane sat on the runway in Miami waiting for a terminal just long enough to make us late for our connecting flight. We bolted through Miami international to find them calling last boarding call for Grady party of 2 (yup, not 3....2 Uuugh) So we make the flight, we are the last ones to board and Kyle is in rare form. Funny that those terrible two's everybody talks about would begin at that moment. A new "noise" Ky makes is enough to send me to the loony bin, never mind the poor newlywed couple sitting next to this wild family who are sweating, panting, trying to store our carry on's and wrestle a two year old onto my lap who just happens to be screeching the word "hello" over and over and over and....well, you get it. Once we are in the air, we are lucky enough to scoot to the empty row in front of us and snag 3 seats, stuff Ky with snacks and busy him with playing memory while I popped that xanex the Dr. thought I might need. She was right!

We land in Jamaica an hour later to NO LUGGAGE! 9pm in the Jamaican airport which is pretty much desolate at that point, Matt is filling out lost luggage paperwork, Kyle is telling me he wants to hug me cause I'm literally crying. "You crying mama?" We had NOTHING in our carry on's. My camera and enough to keep Kyle happy during the travel. American Airlines tells us "some time after 3pm tomorrow we'll bring your luggage to the resort". Ok, start holding breath now.

The Beaches folks call us the van for transport and hook us up with some Red Stripe for the trip which was MUCH needed at that moment. 1 1/2 hr trip to the resort at night through the true Jamaican streets, Ky passes out and I'm trying to figure out what side of the road we are on so I can stop freaking out when I see headlights coming straight at us. Could be that I was drunk from 1 beer, no food and that xanax in my system that I've never taken before and was informed after the fact that you are not supposed to drink with, oops. Good thing I wasn't in charge of driving. We reach the resort at 11pm and they show us to our room where the crib we requested during the booking wasn't there. A nice man was outside the room assembling a full size crib in no time that became wedged between our bed and the bathroom making for interesting bathroom trips. The gift shop would not be open until 8am so we could purchase the essentials. Seriously, people lose their luggage all the time the desk clerk tells us and in the same breath they have NOTHING to offer us for the in between. Not even 1 toothbrush? Even the Motel 6 would have a toothbrush to spare. Needless to say we slept back to back that night seeing where neither of us had seen a toothbrush in 12 hours! Ewwwww. Day 2, $250.00 at the gift shop and we have what we need to get through the day, a bathing suit top for me (no bottoms available???) Ok, I'll just buy this skirt and swim in my undies...that's cool. The only size swimming shorts for Ky were a tad too big and the shorts for

Matt are still being referred to as "The Weekender 2000's" (see exhibits A & B). Ok, we just laughed about it and left it up to AA to bring us our things later that day like they promised, or maybe after dinner, definitely before bed........Ohhhh I mean 11pm that night! To be continued..............