Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is he really 2 years old?

Since the day Kyle was born I have been blessed with a healthy, happy, growing boy. Nothing has changed now, other than it hit me that it has been 2 long years. I say long not as a negative, but as a positive because I have been present for every moment (with the obvious much needed breaks)

For the most part, I have been able to enjoy every one of his accomplishments and bandaged every scratch and boo boo. I have been alone thus far in saying "I don't feel like it's flying" because I've tried to take it all in every step of the way. People always say (me included) I can't believe how fast the summer has gone and I had been saying the opposite until I just looked up and August has FLOWN by and my son is TWO! Wow, when you are busy and not looking closely things can get away from you. So, in keeping with my Fall post I am planning to make the most of this time and when Winter hits I hope to say..."Wow Winter is here?! "Fall was so much fun". And seeing where my intention for this blog was to be a pseudo baby book for Kyle I also need to document some more of his happenings as well. Like the fact that he is now in a BIG BOY BED! I would post a picture, but he scoots out and into my bed in the morning now so I can't quite catch him sleeping. And we all know darn well that I don't get up early for anything! My point overall, enjoy every moment and savor it.....cause even though I once argued the point.... and seem to being using cliches ALOT lately " Time does fly my friends"

The minute after Kyle was born he was already in the spotlight

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sara said...

OMG I think your ready to be prego again! YAY!!!!!!! hahahahaha