Sunday, March 30, 2008

P.S. Into The Wild

Music! Eddie Vedder has really outdone himself with this soundtrack too. Incredible!

Easter Egg Hunt

Kyle was excited to meet the Easter Bunny. While other kids were standing back a bit trying to figure him out, Ky was front and center couldn't wait to say cheese. Auntie Erin joined in too!

Into the Wild

Christopher McCandless self portrait

Have you seen it? If you haven't put the kids to bed early tonight, grab a box of tissues and be ready for an adventure. I should prefice my opinion by reminding you, I am mushy and always in search of something that I can't quite reach out and touch. With that said I am obcessed with this kid Christopher McCanless and now the actor who play's him Emile Hirshe. I'll be ordering the book too.

Incredible story of adventure, living life in a non-typical way, seeing the land in that same way and meeting people, finding relationships and the true good in people. Most importantly finding oneself. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you need to abandon all society and run into the wild to find yourself, but this kid did and I admire that. In a second I would pack up my family into a winnie and take off for an adventure. No clear destination and allow us to meet and see things unplanned. It reminds me how meaningless material things really are and that most of it just takes up space in our lives and our minds when there is a world to be seen and rediscovered with each new foot to walk it. His parents are cast and fake, phony, loveless, money driven people who only found their true selves when he went missing. Some think he was a fool, I agree with Sean Penn and felt he was honest and real and died having found more of himself than most people ever will. I hope not me.


Remember when PB&J was all you'd eat all summer long (all year long for that matter).....well, not my kid! He enjoys playing with it, but little usually ends up in his belly. But, give him a plate of ziti & red sauce and it's gone baby gone.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tantrums anyone?

Kyle is a very smart little boy. He can understand everything I say and he can certainly express himself very well. And lately he has no problem basically telling me to go jump in a lake too! What the heck!? Not literally, but he is strong with telling me NO he doesn't want to do something, with resorts to naughty seat, which becomes Mom holding him in said naughty seat and usually ends with him giving me a good slap. My shock turns to losing his grip, he's off and running and I am deflated, defeated sitting in the naughty seat (not coincidently I assume). After the crying stops I can usually get a "Sorry Mommy" out of him after I can explain why he went to the naughty seat. And I try my hardest to stay strong, be stearn, not flip out but somedays I just don't have the energy to fight with a 20 month old. I really need some TLC...........

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The "Real" Housewives of OC/NYC.....

housewives nyc

Look at these fools! I didn't think that "Reality" t.v. could stoop so low. And that's saying a lot from a girl who pretty much will only watch reality t.v.. If it's ridiculous and on MTV or VH1 I'm tuned in and because they re-run 50,000 times and I can't stay up until 10 p.m. to watch it the 1st time, I get to watch it whenever I want.
Bravo should be ashamed because I know that the woman who portray "real housewives" aren't, so someone needs to be held accountable. When the O.C. version came out it was a bit comical. A couple of those woman had a head on their shoulders; housewives is pushin' it though. I see now that there is a N.Y.C. version and I've caught a couple of episodes. Appalled! Can we please just call it what it really is...."how the stinkin' rich socialites live"? Ok, I realize I live a pretty sheltered life, but I would like to think that the housewives I know rule the world as opposed to the people on these shows. Fashion week fights for front row seats, Tennis match brawls over dinner parties, one woman wants her kid to be in "the biz" and the kid is saying "I don't want to miss school" and the mother say's "we'll work it ou", pretty much telling her kid she's gonna miss school.
I know, I know, it's only t.v.. I think it's the title that really kills me, "The Real Housewives of blah blah blah" How about "The Real Housewives of Bristol County, Ma" jeans, t-shirt (not Luca Luca suits), Toyota SUV's (not Bentley car services), vacationing in the cape 1 week a year, not summering in the Hamptons. Or maybe I'm just bummed that right now I'm sick on Easter, my baby boy is clingy times 10 and I don't have Nanny, maid, butler, car service, talent agent (or from the way they act any Joe off the street of NY ) to call in to watch my kid so that I can go to bed.......... Nope, much rather call my M.I.L who I know cares about him and I could actually sleep peacefully:) Peace out "Fake socialite mom's from who the crap cares, USA"

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Is it possible to pass on a nightmare gene? If so, I think I did! I've been plauged with nightmares for as long as I can remember and last night Ky was the 3rd in a row he woke up screaming bloody murder with his eyes closed yelling about something very night it was "run to the mallllll" and last night it was "doggy out, doggy out!" Poor dog, I let her in the morning though :) hee hee Just kidding, although sometimes that dog of mine.....

Friday, March 21, 2008

Game on.......

Well, we are off to our 1st Easter Egg Hunt in the morning. I really don't remember the last time I was on an actual, all out Egg Hunt. I mean, the Easter Bunny always laid (ha ha) out a great egg hunt during his stops at my house when we were little. But, that's been quite some time now. I am really looking fwd to seeing Kyle and how he takes it all in. I love that part of motherhood so much, re-living these moments that we once enjoyed as children and it's better this time around because we get to feel young and silly and more importantly we get to watch our children enjoy it for the 1st time. There is nothing like doing something for the 1st time. He loves games and I'm pretty sure he's going to do well when he realizes chocolate is involved after seeing him tear into his 1st chocolate bunny tonite from Bapa Billy Bob & Deeda. Wish us luck and here's hoping to a good parking spot and place in line!!!

Ahhh, the life....

My husband is, well, thrifty and also loves to surprise me. Around the end of August knowing that our 2nd yr anniversary was approaching I start dropping hints. Knowing that he doesn't like to make plans to far ahead and also isn't quite the spur of the moment type of guy I usually have to plant an idea and work from there. "Wouldn't it be nice to get away for the weekend?" I say. "We'll see." is commonly his responce. We are almost always making plans depending on the business and how busy things are and since that is a week to week, day to day thing basically we never know! So, skip to a week before our anniversary...I was being...well let's face it, I was not happy with the lack of plans. Because our lives depend on the business and it's success and Matt's hard work I TRY to be understanding most of the time. So anyhow, Wednesday morning Matt's off to work and while coming to kiss me and Ky goodbye he say's "Oh and by the way, pack for the weekend, we leave Friday 1st thing in the morning for Vermont". "What, who, when, how?" through morning breath and groggy eyes I mutter. "Yup, been planned for a month now, we are going away.". So, now to the thrifty part of my hubby's master plan. "I only have to Bat Proof the house and it's our for the weekend!" (For the more squimish wife I am sure the shock would be the bat part, but let's face it, I married a hunter and we own a wildlife business) My only thought was, where are the suitcases! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the beautiful, relaxing weekend in Vermont at the great family home on a Lake with my hubby and our awesome little man. I will also mention how great it is to see Matt really relax. It's a rare site and always deserved. Ahhhhh, my kind of vacation. I would just LOVE to live on a lake......

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bedtime Rituals....

Anyone remember when reading a good book put you to sleep....a deep sleep that even an earthquake couldn't disturb? Anyone, anyone? NOT ME! Ok,'s my fault for not listening to Chris, Sue and Mo when they suggested reading wonderful books that help a 1st time Mom get into a routine...and it's my fault that Ky was in bed with us until he was at least 6 months....and then at 12 months when he had a cold and...well you get the picture. I was even laying on the couch with him until all hours just waiting for him to pass out and even still he'd be up calling for Mommy several times a nite.

I am proud to say that at the ripe ol' age of 19 months Kyle is (drum roll please) sleeping through the nite...nite....nite. We watch the trusted Elmo's world, read a book and talk about Kyle's bed for na-nite time. He now happily goes upstairs, we turn on his music and he lay's in bed......But, there's a catch. Kyle does not have a trusted woogy, or teddy, or the place of those normal conforting things is Mom's hand. You heard me; I have to stand at his crib and hold his hand until he falls asleep. There is the occasional nite when I try to slip my hand out ever so swiftly and creep out and he quickly wakes and calls out for "Mommy's hands". Heck - I'll take it cause once he's out, he's pretty much out. So - I now agree with creating bedtime rituals and (shout out to the secret) I tell myself several times before bed "my family will sleep well tonite". That said, I still don't sleep well...always one ear open for the little Toots Magee calling for Mommy's hands! Sweet dreams...........

I'll play, but I have no one to tag.....

Let's see, 10 Weird, Random Things, Facts Or Habits About Myself....wanna hear it, here it go....

1. In addition to my new found love of blogging (thanks Chris!) I am addicted to MySpace. Go ahead and say it, I'm an almost 30 (I'll use almost up until June 14th thank you very much!) mother of 1 and wife and I do indulge in the online childish humor that most teenagers use to show naked pics of themself . By the way, no Kyle you cannot have a MySpace!

2. I don't know ANYTHING about financial annuities, IRA's retirement BS and I found out just how little when visiting the bank this AM. Ask me about diapers, storytime and what a good shower once felt like, but money issues...UGH!

3. I believe in and preach "The Secret" as if I had written the book and recieve royalties. I don't have religion, but I do have "The Secret"! Now applying it, that's a different story.

4. I love taking pics and would like to take Kyle to travel the world when he get's a little bigger and take photo's every step of the way and experience life outside of boring england...I mean New England. 1st stop Texas!

5. I shop too much. Don't hit the floor with shock, but I really really impulse buy. They created the impulse aisle for me. Price tags, don't look at 'em. But, keep in mind I'm not shopping at Versace...we are talking Old Navy and Target.'s a problem. Don't tell Matt :)

6. Without discarding how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my son more than anything in the world and would not change a thing. I secretly miss my life with Matt before responsibility. Mostly the quality time we spent together without having to schedule it.

7. While on the subject of Matt. He is the person I admire most in this world. And each day something new reveals itself in me or him or Ky that reminds me and strengthens the reasons why I fell in love with him.

8. Is it me or are these getting mushy?? Should I list that I'm mushy?

9. I LOVE driving in the car with all the windows open singing the Dixie's as if I am Natalie herself! If I wasn't, you know, getting older eh hem, I think I would try out for American Idol! HA HA HA

10. I don't miss my job even a little bit. I don't miss the commute, the people I had to deal with, the work, the drab walls, the confinement to a box, the fake people just rolling over one another to get "ahead" Not one bit!!

During the "Elmo's World" break....

So, I finish up the formatting of the new blog and I'm happy to hear Elmo's World finishing up....from the living room I hear the pitter patter of Edith's feet (we call him Edith because he does that little run everywhere he goes) coming into the office. The sight is this : Kyle with a butterfly net over his head "Mommy, stuck" and when I remove the net I find a sticky substance glistening off his hair. "Kyle, what is in your hair?" Mommy ask's inquisitively. And Ky very proudly annouces "Pancakes". Hmmmm, maybe the hour break is pushing it?

If you can't beat 'em join 'em....

Well, let's hope I can entertain others the way they do me with joining the club! This forum should be considered the new mother's club if you ask me. No one has to find a babysitter, pick up the wine and drive to said meeting house to share the trials, tribulations and triumph's of our daily lives as Mom's. I plan to to turn on "Elmo's World" for the hour long break in order to now read, laugh and comment on friend's pages....and hopefully use the time to give them a taste of my life too. Don't get me wrong, I would still like a wine break every now & then. Mmmmm wine.. Sorry, I'm back!

Ok, a bit about us: I am a (ALMOST) 30 yr. old mother of 1 wonderful son Kyle who is now 19months, a wife to a wonderful husband Matt who works like a dog (and play's pretty well too) and the age old title of homemaker. Can we pause here? Homemaker, let's look at that title for a moment. I think someday's I would take the literal term Homemaker over the actual job. I might really like to go out everyday and swing a hammer building homes. But, that's only sometimes. Most of the time's I accept the laundry, cleaning house, caring of pets and forever trying to find a spot for something in a house with no closets. Well, I make do most of the time. My son is amazing and I am blessed to wake to him every morning calling from his crib "Mommy, are you?". Matt's pretty cool too, but Elmo's world is coming to a close and therefore so must I!