Thursday, March 20, 2008

During the "Elmo's World" break....

So, I finish up the formatting of the new blog and I'm happy to hear Elmo's World finishing up....from the living room I hear the pitter patter of Edith's feet (we call him Edith because he does that little run everywhere he goes) coming into the office. The sight is this : Kyle with a butterfly net over his head "Mommy, stuck" and when I remove the net I find a sticky substance glistening off his hair. "Kyle, what is in your hair?" Mommy ask's inquisitively. And Ky very proudly annouces "Pancakes". Hmmmm, maybe the hour break is pushing it?


Suzanne said...

YEAH!! We always say how we all miss each other and now we can spy everyday! I am so jealous you have the video piece - I need to buy a new camera!!

Christen said...

Yey! Blog Fever- it's contagious!
YOU"ve been tagged! Check my blog for details (funny I checked my email after I posted this morn!)