Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'll play, but I have no one to tag.....

Let's see, 10 Weird, Random Things, Facts Or Habits About Myself....wanna hear it, here it go....

1. In addition to my new found love of blogging (thanks Chris!) I am addicted to MySpace. Go ahead and say it, I'm an almost 30 (I'll use almost up until June 14th thank you very much!) mother of 1 and wife and I do indulge in the online childish humor that most teenagers use to show naked pics of themself . By the way, no Kyle you cannot have a MySpace!

2. I don't know ANYTHING about financial annuities, IRA's retirement BS and I found out just how little when visiting the bank this AM. Ask me about diapers, storytime and what a good shower once felt like, but money issues...UGH!

3. I believe in and preach "The Secret" as if I had written the book and recieve royalties. I don't have religion, but I do have "The Secret"! Now applying it, that's a different story.

4. I love taking pics and would like to take Kyle to travel the world when he get's a little bigger and take photo's every step of the way and experience life outside of boring england...I mean New England. 1st stop Texas!

5. I shop too much. Don't hit the floor with shock, but I really really impulse buy. They created the impulse aisle for me. Price tags, don't look at 'em. But, keep in mind I'm not shopping at Versace...we are talking Old Navy and Target.'s a problem. Don't tell Matt :)

6. Without discarding how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my son more than anything in the world and would not change a thing. I secretly miss my life with Matt before responsibility. Mostly the quality time we spent together without having to schedule it.

7. While on the subject of Matt. He is the person I admire most in this world. And each day something new reveals itself in me or him or Ky that reminds me and strengthens the reasons why I fell in love with him.

8. Is it me or are these getting mushy?? Should I list that I'm mushy?

9. I LOVE driving in the car with all the windows open singing the Dixie's as if I am Natalie herself! If I wasn't, you know, getting older eh hem, I think I would try out for American Idol! HA HA HA

10. I don't miss my job even a little bit. I don't miss the commute, the people I had to deal with, the work, the drab walls, the confinement to a box, the fake people just rolling over one another to get "ahead" Not one bit!!

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