Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What are the chances a family who own a wildlife removal business would have a critter? If you answered pretty good, then you win! As I try to put back together a crib around a sleeping little boy at 9PM I start to hear something in the wall. Shall I back up? Ok. Yup, I jumped the gun on the Toddler Bed stage. Figured I'd removed the side of his 4-1 crib and see if Ky would go to sleep in his big boy bed. He was very excited about it and to my surprise bedtime went smoothly, that is until he actually dozed off. No side rail could be purchased that would fit or do the trick in a days time, so I planned to put a mess of pillows on the floor just in case. Before I even left the room the little guy almost tumbled twice! So, imagine how fun it was trying to creep around him and put the side back on without waking sleeping beauty. Needless to say I was being as quiet as a mouse....which coincidentally the actual mouse was not being so quiet! What? A critter in our house? What on earth should I do? I can't possibly freak out like the people we often joke about after hearing thier frantic phone messages at 3AM. So I woke up the BatGuy. His response.."really, must just be a mouse" Rolls over back to bed. I'm certainly not paying his fee anyway :) Oh Well, crib back together, no bumps in the night other than the mouse chillin' in the attic.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Venting Corner

The shopping cart,Oh for the love of food!
This is the thing that is chasing me in my nightmares!
Ahhh the dreaded Grocery Shopping! Anyone who knows me knows that the chore I dislike most (not that I particularly enjoy any of them) is grocery shopping. This is right up there with making the bed and laundry; a never-ending chore. I really don't mind things like packing away winter clothes and filling the closet with spring stuff 'cause you do it once and don't have to worry about it until the fall, or ....well...I guess that would be the only thing I don't mind. Everything else falls into the never-ending -cycle-thankless- type chore....but food shopping is just plain cruel! Up and down aisle with a toddler who wants "bread, crackers, chocolate milk, cheese" and wants them now! And most times I give in to something because if not he wants "out" and that is just craziness! But honestly that doesn't bother me, not nearly as much as this order of business:
  1. put item into shopping cart
  2. take item out and put it on scanner
  3. put item into bag
  4. put item/bag back into shopping cart
  5. put bag into vehicle
  6. take item out of vehicle
  7. take item out of bag
  8. put item into fridge/cabinet
Anyone see how crazy this is?! I know, I know, just like all the other chores it is a must, but it drives me banana sandwiches (my phrase used in lieu of "$%#^& nuts") Food Shopping fairy, that's my next invention!

Somerset Slides..

We had a fun day with Auntie Erin at the Somerset Slidepark and beach. Pictures tell a thousand words.. Kyle's first run in with the ice cream truck for a delicious Snow Cone.... The big slide with Auntie Erin. This things is very cool. And some kids have got the trick too, cardboard to make the ride that much faster! Mom went for a ride too, I am so bringing the wax paper next trip!
He decided to go it alone on the smaller slide.
And then we hit the beach for some rock throwing, sandcastles and mating horseshoe crabs. Of course I explained them to be Mommy and baby but another mother at the beach had to correct me...He's 20 months, I mean really lady!

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah's Birthday party is always the summer kickoff get together according to our group and it's always so nice to see everyone. I can never believe that it's another year come and gone and at the same time it's another summer to look fwd to seeing great friends in the beautiful weather. The weather held out for us too! They tried to call for storms, but they did not arrive. The cold did show up, but Adam had already gotten the fire up at going at that point. Here is that gorgeous little girl growing up before our eyes.
She is a sweetheart too, just like her Mom. She loves Ky and it's cute to watch her look out for him like a big sis. Speaking of Ky, he had a blast! Surrounded by older chicks and a swing set and he was in his glory, the dirty face, feet and belly full of cookies was proof!
Not to mention Auntie galore! This kid loves all of his Aunties. He has a cute infatuation with Auntie Sara especially, always wants to know if she's going to be where we are going. And when she is, I know why he loves her as much as I do. Auntie Alyss and David to play with, Auntie "toots" is ever present and he got hit up by both Auntie "Sim" and Kath too. No wonder this kid is so happy. He certainly feels the love. It's pretty cool for Mom to get a break too. Speaking of which, kudos to Auntie Swans! This girl is super nanny if anyone is looking. Kyle was in danger of falling off of the swing set and before I could even consider getting out of the hammock I watched a trail of dust fly off Swans' shoes and she was at his side in no time! Literally like something out of a movie....even a camera couldn't have moved that quickly. Well done Swans, well done. All in all, another great birthday party. I did have to bail out before the beer drinking commenced and take a tired little boy home. And I thought he'd fall right asleep, but I made the mistake of thinking I could get rid of the "deets a reets" on this long ride home. To make sure I didn't give in, I didn't even bring one to bail me out, so he cried "Mommy..please...deets a reets" pretty much the whole ride home. How I wish I had a binky with me...didn't matter either cause he was given the dam thing the minute I got home anyway.... That's a habit I hope to break him of this summer...looks like it won't be easy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring is springing!

We spent the day at Sara's last week in Southie, what a beautiful day?! No sign of Whitey, although I'm sure a few of the old men we saw to have told us some real great stories. I wish it wouldn't be odd for me to stop at one of there stoops and ask for a good tale.What a great place to live, the people walking around down at Castle Island, playgrounds around the corner, the water.... We had a nice long walk and Kyle love the planes coming down very low to us.
It's pretty funny watching Sara walk two dogs too, I never thought I'd see that! They are good puppies and give lots of kisses. We did a little yard work and she has some beautiful daffodils peeking up! I love getting Kyle out to visit the places around Mass because I all too often take for granted where we live. And it's important to take lots of pics because I know he'll need to be reminded of these days through pics and stories. Kyle also loves throwing rocks into the water. I actually had a woman stop at the boardwalk while I was about 10 ft from him and yell to him "Don't go in the water!" Is she serious? What am I chopped liver? Anyway, great day all around and many more visits to come!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Grady Fisherman

Daddy and Kyle went fishing yesterday, but Ky was a bit more interested in the bait and setting it free. Not a great sign for a fisherman, screams a bit more PETA but at least he's not afraid of the fish! And he can count how many he wants to release too :)

Being A Mom

I had a great day with my son today and really enjoy being a Mom. Being a Mother is food in their belly, clothes on their back and a roof over their head, but if there is no unconditional love, respect, comfort, safety and are failing. They have to know it and feel it every day. They need to know that you are going to be there through thick & thin and no matter what love them at the end of each day. You have to tell them and show them with your actions, with your life choices with the surroundings you provide them and you have to do it unselfishly. This is their time and it's your privledge to share it with them if you so choose. I so choose! I love to watch him explore and grow into a person. I have one chance to make this world and life all it can be for him and I have every intention to do just that regardless of the obstacles or people who try to get in the way.

Being a Mom is a lot of hard work and a lot of tough decisions to be made that I realize I will be making for the rest of my life and I hope to make all the best choices with few wrong ones along the long road. From the moment we found out I was pregnant my whole world changed. The obvious things change; my body, my mood and waiting for those 12 weeks to pass safely and then the 6 long months to follow. And so the worry and concern began and hasn't ended. Everything has been about Kyle from that minute on. Everything I do, say, feel, decide on becomes about how will this affect my child. It changes a person; hopefully for the better because it's not about you anymore, it's about something much more important, a new life. This is the most important job I've ever had and I can say with certainty it's the job I've been waiting for. From the moment he was born (and before that) I started to realize that a little life was to depend on me for the next 18 years at least and I hope for many years after that he'll come to me and need me in his life as someone to always count on, lean on and share life with. I plan to build a lasting relationship and strong foundation with and for my son. His Daddy and I want nothing but the best for him and want our love and support of each other and him to be ever present.

I hope to always be learning, teaching, living life to its fullest and being a good example for my son. I hope that he will look at me someday and be proud of who his mother is. I plan to be proud of the mother I am and will grow to be each day. I plan to be soft and loving and tough and strict creating a healthy balance. I hope for these things in our relationship; love, trust, friendship, caring, nurturing, knowledge, health, wisdom, laughter, adventure, respect, boundaries, rules, listening, talking and most of all happiness. I am aware of the challenges ahead and the challenges unforeseen. I promise to continue to learn and grow from being a mother. I promise to listen to my son when he speaks and speak to my son so he'll listen. I promise to never believe I know it all and know that I will be growing and learning with him as well. I have learned so much from him in 20 months. I have learned to be strong, strength that I never knew I had in me. I have learned to be confident and humble. I have learned to be less stubborn, more forgiving and look at things from a new point of view. I am learning to love life, good bad and indifferent and how to handle the best of times along with the worst of times. I am learning not to judge, because being judged does not feel good. And while I will not judge others, I do not have to respect their decisions. I will do what's right for my family. I've learned that I do have choices, choices have been made for me in the past, but they don't decide my future....I decide my future. I will help shape my sons future and I can feel good about that, not fear it. I want to be better, I always want to be better tomorrow than I was yesterday. I will make mistakes and I will learn from them and grow from them not let them take me down and define who I am as a person or mother. I love my son more than I've loved anything and I love him enough to be a better human being. I love him unconditionally. I will be sorry and say it and mean it if I'm wrong and I'll keep an open mind to listen to those who are important to me and who I respect, not just those who validate me right or wrong. I will be better than what I've known and while what I've known has hurt me and made me feel broken, it also makes me who I am and makes me want to be stronger and better. I will always tell my son the truth and not keep secrets, honesty will set you free. I will remember that I am being watched, that I am to set the example not to dictate. That I am to be what I want for my son, not tell him what to be. That I will share in his triumphs and cry with his sorrows. That I will laugh with him and hold him during his tears to let him know he is always loved.

Kyle, you are amazing. You are bright, funny, beautiful, exciting, lovable, full of life, adventure and bravery to name only a few. You are the future. You will be anything you want to be. Daddy and I will always be here for you, whatever you may need and I hope to give you all the tools you'll ever need to be successful and happy in life. My pledge to you my darling. I will protect you from any heartache that I can protect you from and keep you safe within my means while still allowing you to be you. I love you always.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wait, now what?

Daddy and Kyle went fishing today. Great, I get some time to myself! Wow, there are so many times I say "I need to do this, I'd like to do this, I better get this done....if I only had the time" Well, I got the time and had no idea what to do with myself. No Kyle, no Matt, no worries, happy they are spending guy time together. I miss them! I didn't know what the heck to do with myself. Good way to get myself going, I decide to go and get a coffee. Ok, coffee what? Shopping? Ok, buy stuff that we kinda need and kinda don't but like to do some shopping on my own. Or do I? It was a little bit boring to be honest. There is always housework, yardwork to be done so I head home for chores. Still not much fun, but I did it and felt that I had accomplished something at least. Funny to think "what did I do with all my free time before being a Mom?"

I surrender

to the fashion police that is. Those of you who have had to be subject to my fashion faux pas, I officially apologize! But in my defense, who would have thought it would be flip flop weather this early anyhow, right? Yup, I sported 1/2 polished toes with open toe shoes, not a pretty site. Funny thing is, I have been in violation for about 4 days now and most likely will be tomorrow as well. I am pretty sure that the rules still apply to even the busiest of SAHM so that excuse is not valid. Do they count as polished if I just slap some polish over the disaster that already exists and unless you are up close and personal you don't know the difference or do I have to actually get a babysitter and use the gift card for a pedicure that I got for my birthday....LAST JUNE!!! I'll admit that I felt better having glanced around at some other Mom toes today at Target and they weren't all in much better shape than my toes. Happy Painting!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The "tucc"

as Mo called it! Bertucci's for those who don't know Mo. What makes 3 grown woman, mother's & wives believe it would be a good idea to trek 4 kids under 2 out to lunch at 12 Noon on a beautiful day?? The answer...Devon! Devon was our adorable waiter on this wild play date day at Bertucci's. Let me back up a moment. My child is in a "I don't want to sit" phase so when we spot a line at Cosi and no table in sight I freak. Let's go somewhere to be waited on ladies!? Ev is really hungry and not happy when he notice's we are heading for the door, Addie is a snoozlebug in her car seat and Sofia, Ev & Ky are all on a hip as we decide to footrace to Bertucci's rather than grab a car or a stroller. It's pushing 80 degrees in the middle of April and my sweatshirt is a bad idea. Ok, we make it to "the tucc" ( I love that!) and I'm pretty sure most people crapped their pants when they saw us arrive. All but 1 person, our waiter! They seat us in our own room (pretty much) and we managed to scare away a couple of ladies. Devon arrives, maybe 23 yrs old, adorable, bright eyed and not afraid of us at all! He takes our orders and before we know it all the food is here and gone. Sue notes "this is soooo a blog" When he offers refills in "to go" cups he seals the deal of a BIG tip :) After making it 1/2 way back to the cars, we are sweating, full, tired and Sue make an executive decision to get the car. Smart move. I guess the idea of hitting up L.L. Bean after lunch got lost somewhere between Ky having pizza all over his pants and the very tired group of us. Great visit, we survived with no major scars, tell Devon we'll be back! I actually did grab the manager card with intention of writing a letter and 1/2 way home become honest with myself that I would never write it, so I called the manager instead. I should call back and get his schedule so we can plan playdate lunches around it. We may need to up the tip, any ideas?!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here comes the Sun

Nothing feels better to me than a spring day with the sun on my face, a fire burning leaves in the backyard and leaving its delicious smokey smell on my clothes and in my hair even after the shower, the greens of the flowers peeking through soil reaching for the suns warmth and begging to be born again, a happy rosy cheeked Kyle running and playing and helping in the garden until exhausted exploring the world of dirt and bugs and new life around him, watching the sun fade at 7:30 pm and watching the red coals of the fire fading. And most of all the warmth it puts back into my soul telling me it's a new start again, excited for the days to come and enjoy every moment of the outdoors with my family. The spring breaths new life into everything and everyone it touches, if you allow yourself to be touched by all of its beauty and love.

To follow Sue's lead:

Here comes the sun do do do do
here comes the sun, and I say, it's all right

Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter.
Little darling, it feels like years since it's been here.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,and I say, it's all right.

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces.
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,and I say, it's all right.

Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...Sun, sun, sun, here it comes...

Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting.
Little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear.
Here comes the sun, here comes the sun,and I say, it's all right.Here comes the sun, here comes the sun.

It's all right.
It's all right.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, Sunday...

We are the All American Family Sunday day peeps. Cram all you can into Sunday because Monday is usually Manic for Matt. The sun is rising early which makes it much easier to drag my non-morning self out of bed. Matt tried to give me some time to sleep-in but Kyle was just not accepting his Chocolate milk from Daddy today. I certainly don't make it any better than him because we buy it mixed, but we are going through a Momma's boy phase, or let's hope it's a phase. The sunshine made me want to get an early start on the day anyway, so I through on some Dunkin clothes and hit the early moring Dunks for coffee and D duts (munchins) for Kyle and I enjoy a Sunday Drive. Yup, you heard me, I'm a Sunday driver. You remember, those old people who are creeping through the town looking at the same things we pass daily? I think it's more of a "how long can I stretch this trip" thing for me, but I'll accept Sunday driver as a title. Loco the dog hops in the front seat with me and I sing out loud to some Tom Petty on my MP3 (seeing him in concert for my 30th). Seeing where I think I can sing, I usually sing quite loud and Loco does not agree with me about the being able to sing part because she literally howls while I sing. I like to think she's just joining in, but I should just face it, she wants me to shut my piehole and let Tom do the singing! Mmmm iced coffee from the good Dunks (that just happens to be a bit farther away) windows cracked because it's still early and it isn't quite sunroof weather yet but I'm enjoying every moment anyway.....and I think twice about hitting up Lowes for some early garden supplies....but Ky's at home waiting for the D duts, anxiously I'm sure.

I head home and our sunday begins watching the fishing show called Go Fisch about a couple and there little girl who fish all around the world. I explain to Ky that someday we'll be pitching Go Grady to this network and we'll be off on our own family offshore adventures. Outside for some yardwork before the rain comes and then to quote Will Ferrell in Old School " a little Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe Home Depot, if we have time." My confession, I love every second of it. Spending time as a family, whether we are raking leaves, having lunch or crusing the 2x4's in Home Depot being with family is key and I love mine more than life itself. Sad to see Sunday go, maybe I should add Sunday's to the board. Am I going overBOARD!?


I love this shot of my guys! Ky has got "cheese" down pretty good. I guess when people say a kid was born in front of the camera, this would be a good example of my little man. He also has the superman form down pretty good too!

It's working!

I started my vision board (as you've heard) and I love it. It's fun to think of something that you love or would love and stick it up there to see day after day. Well, I'm proud to report that it's working. I love photography, I have for a long time and have never taking it very seriously. I added it to my vision board. I usually luck out with some great shots but do believe that I have "an eye" for a good shot. I got a beautiful camera for Christmas '06 when Ky was born and have use it daily since then. But, I have never looked into the paperwork that actually came with it. Matt's aunt had an extra spot in a class she signed up for with Ritz camera (free classes when you purchase through them by the way) and she invited me along. Thank you, Annie! It's open the floodgates to how much I love it and how much more I want to pursue. I looked through the paperwork (after over a year) and see that there are all kinds of deals with Ritz and more classes offered FREE teaching almost everything you'll need to know to be serious about photography. Check out Ky throwing a stick in the lake in succession. Love this camera!!!! And loving knowing The Secret :)

A Saturday snooze

Nothing like playing in the beautiful sun all morning long with Mammy and friends and taking an afternoon snooze with Daddy. And Mom tries out some stuff she learned at Photography class, closeups!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Being Bat "MAN"

Here is a great story written about Matt as a day in the life of Bat "Man". The reporter who rode with Matt for a couple of days was a great guy and wrote a great story!

The Vision Board

I have read The Secret, I have watched the movie several times and I have started using it in my daily life here and there and as an overal guide. I have not, however, got my vision board up and running. Well, I have a great friend who has and it's working so it's that much more motivation. Ok, vision board purchased, vision board up, now to add to it. My visions!? What I noticed when adding things to the board was how easy it is to think 1st off of everything we DON'T want but that I find it hard to clarify what I DO want. And according to The Secret a negative thought produces a negative result, so out with the negative and in with the positive! I'm starting with the clearly most important things and will work from there. Let's see..... Kyle's smiling face to remind me to keep it that way, a wedding photo to keep the marriage as a top priority, a picture of my head strapped to a hott body, a picture of my dream log cabin on a lake, a map to remind me I want to travel and the list will go on. It's on, universe!

I'm officially a homemaker

Gone are the days when a new piece of jewlery got me going. A great pair of jeans. Plans on Friday night to hit up The Harp and stand front row for Pete Moss. An appt. to have my nails done mani/pedi/ These things are long gone. Nope, now the things that excite me are, a great iced coffee, made just right, a sunny day so we can play outside, a new swingset in the works and today a new couch! Out with the old, dirty, stained, cat scratched piece of crap and in with a dark colored, microfiber, cozy piece of furniture that didn't cost an arm and leg so when there is a spill I won't have to call 911!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Daisy the Cow....

Daisy has become Ky's new friend. She is a puppet (shh don't tell Kyle) who lives at Mammy Lu's house and Daisy is teaching Kyle to share. Mostly, Daisy likes to share Kyle's deet (binky for the average child). When we leave Mammy's we leave a deet for Daisy the Cow to sleep with. He wasn't too sure about leaving an extra coveted deet behind, but he's warming to the idea. The funniest part is the once cherished Lammy who lives at Mammy's house is again front and center. I'm pretty sure he wants Lammy to know that she will always be 1st in line for Ky's hugs and Daisy is now a close 2nd. Daisy has now been added to the list of people that Kyle believes lives at Mammy's house. When I ask him to get his coat on to go to Mammy's house he runs through the people he hopes to see; Mammy, Papa, Aunt E Erin, Kara, Timmy and now Daisy the Cow! And he mentions how he'll be retrieving the borrowed deet when we get there. He has also included Daisy in his bedtime ritual of saying na-nite to all those people in his life he can name before dozing off. That Daisy the Cow, she's a good friend teaching Kyle kindness, sharing, compassion and reminding him what's important....Lammy!!! Wonder how Mom ranks?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Was that thunder?

Nope, it was this SUV smashing into our cement stairs at 1AM last night! It scared the heck out of us, our bedroom window is the top left. By the time we got downstairs and on the phone to 911 the kid driving had jumped out of the car by some miracle and was running up the lawn of a neighbors house covered in blood. The pics are a bit blurry because of the police lights, but it was a nasty mess and I can't believe anyone walked away. Anyone who knows our street knows that there is a curve just before reaching our house. This kid had to have been going 60 mph around that curve, slid off the road, hit 2 trees across the street, head on and the rear right simultaneously, and spun the truck around across the street and into our stairs. Imagine the force that took?! I don't know anything about his condition today, but watching his parents pull up to see him sitting bloody on the side of the road was heart breaking. The neighborhood was sorting through the debri that flew from the car literally all over the place. A tire ended up in our driveway that had come completely off the car when it hit the trees before even coming across the street to our stairs. I'll try to get pics of the skids into the trees and to yard later. I am just amazed the kid could get out of the car and run. He must have smelled the gas leaking from the car and jumped because I know I was waiting for the thing to blow up. On a positive note, Ky never even rolled over during the whole thing!!!! DRIVE SAFE!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're goin' to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo...

How about you, you, you? We LOVE the zoo. Capron park happens to be our favorite for a few reasons.

  • It's rather close, 40 minutes tops

  • It's small which means Ky can run around it twice and we don't have to bring the stroller or pack a lunch

  • There is a huge playground just outside the zoo doors for when the animal tour runs it's course, but the kiddo's aren't quite ready to call it a day

  • They have a sandbox pitstop before visiting the Lemour's (Zoboomafoo!)

  • Lions! Who doesn't love Lions! ?

  • And if there is enough time, money and energy, Chuck E. Cheese is a stones throw.

  • And we LOVE toooooey! It's a rare, random animal called a Bintuwong who we Donahue ladies (and kids) refer to as Tooooey!
Have I mentioned how much Ky loves animals of all kind. Of course, we figured there'd be a good chance seeing where we have 4 cats and a dog, Daddy's play's with animals for a living and for fun. But he really at the core love's animals. Despite having a nasty run-in with a cat who is not used to being pouced on by a toddler, he still loves them! I think it's great for him too. He learns to love, be gentle, have compasion and stand up for himself through our pets. He also yells at the dog "Goco, lay down!" Wonder where he hears that harsh tone? La la la......

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rain, rain....

go away, come again another day! Sing it with me!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Day 4 and going strong....

Again, I've joined a gym. Thanks to Chris's inspiring stories of deadly spinning class, I just couldn't stay away any longer! The truth is, I've been away WAY too long and will need to be at least comfortable in Jamaica come July. Anyhow, I've finally come to a realization about Gym gym vs. home gym. I begged Matt for the same eliptical machine that they had at my old gym because I loved it, I loved how I felt using it, but why pay $50/month to spend 40 mins/ day at the gym when I could clearly use it whenever I want at home, right? Wrong! It sits in the spare bedroom collecting dust. I've used, well the room is gloomy, it's too loud, where would I put Ky while using it. The cat peed in that room once and now it smells bad.... All excuses. Totally excuses. Here's what I've learned in the past week, besides terribly two's sometimes show up early, MOTIVATION is the key. And if you do not carry this with you internally, you need external help. When I am at home in a gloomy, stinky room closing my eyes to take in the tunes and losing my balance I can easily say "Ok, 10 minutes, great job let's go get a cookie" But, when I am at the gym and there are hott chicks and buff dudes learking everywhere I don't care who you are, you look and you get looked at. Watching those who have succeeded at being physically fit whether you consiously realize it or not, they are motivation, inspiration to keep chuggin' along, sweating on that machine and getting to the 30 minute mark at least. And those who are seemingly worse off than me (if it's possible) are motivation too. Hell, they are here kickin' A, why can't I?! Here is the one place in the world where my fear of being judged helps me to trudge forward, go figure! Same goes for that Denise Austin tape you have at home or On Demand....nothing is more inspiring than a class full of sweating peeps dying along with you to keep going...not so much the same when the couch is 3 ft away and calling your name is it?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bubbles anyone?!

Bubbles, bubbles!!! I love bubbles, but what I didn't think of is pushing the issue before we could play bubbles outdoors where it doesn't get into the carpet or create a slip and slide on the kitchen floor. The bubbles machine is "broken" right now but I have a strong feeling the sunshine will bring it back to life :)