Monday, June 30, 2008

In other news....

I've hit the 10,000 mark on my camera for number of pictures taken since 2006. Yup, it's true I have a problem. Fun thing is, this is picture #10,000.....
"Seriously lady, do you need that many pictures of me?"

Southwicks Zoo

"No really Ky, there is a deer right behind you!"

Is it possible to be a zoo connoisseur? If so, I am one! We've hit almost every zoo in MA since the end of March until now. We love bits and pieces of them all and the Southwicks Zoo has taken the cake so far. They have a deer farm, elephant rides and a bounce house to name a few. We will be back to visit that place before summer's over and probably a couple time after that too. Kyle is a zoo expert and I'm afraid I'm ruining the zoo experience for him because some of the common animals are becoming a bore to him?! "Oh a monkey, nice Mom what's next" "Great a Zebra, we've seen 10 of them this year"

But an elephant ride, that's a new one. I NEVER thought I'd get him on an Elephant but Auntie Sara, her niece and nephew were with us and if Auntie Sara's doing it, Kyle's doing it. He LOVED it! He kept looking down and in a diva way calling to the zoo keeper to "look at me, I riding a elephant" It was fun for me too, can't say I've ridden an elephant before. But, I will make a side note of how it equally saddens me that this is the animals existence. Ugh. Why does Sara McLaughlin have to sing that damn "Arms of the angel" song with all those sad dogs commercial. I'd rather stay oblivious sometimes. Anyway, back to exploiting really cool animals.....

"A clue a clue"

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update: Woodchuck

Remember that cute little woodchuck that I spent all afternoon taking pictures of, admiring, wishing I could hug and snuggle? It's now the enemy! I lost a crop of butternut squash last year to an unknown creature of the wild.....guess who? He's a sneaky little bugger too! He digs right under my vegetable garden fence and sneaks his way under the gate. Strange enough, he is eating my dahlia leaves, must be because the squash isn't ready for pickin' yet. Now I know why people call Matt to catch these cute little things, they are buttheads! Don't get me wrong, I don't want it dead or anything and I'd love for us to be able to live peacefully in the same yard. He is more than welcome to the shed for a roof over his head, but when he starts messing with my hard earned crops, we got trouble buster! Why do I suddenly picture myself in true Bill Murray form trying to rid the gofer in CaddyShack? I might dress in all black waving a flashlight trying to catch the little bugger myself some night! I will try the nice thing 1st and that is safeguarding the garden a bit better, but if that doesn't work Gofer, it's curtains for you!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maddy P...

...took the stage for her best performance yet! She was beautiful and danced in 5 different routines. The smile on her face radiated and she made us all very proud! Way to go Maddy!

She rocked this dance kickin' it in her green street outfit :)

And she took front and center for a bit showing the crowd her fun side to the song "Shut up and Drive"

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gotcha Nose!

Mammy introduced the "gotcha nose" game a couple of months ago and Kyle has taken to it. He loves it, and he is really convinced you have his nose because he doesn't take his eyes off your hands and makes darn sure you give it back. He's really expanded on this game too, he likes to take all kinds of body parts from us and give them back, nose, eyes, ears, cheeks. He also plays this game with himself..."mamma, I got me nose" and puts it right back on his face. And then yesterday while playing naked baby he found something new to play "gotcha" with. Can you guess what he got? He took it off, looked at me, laughed and said "I put it back". Good idea Ky, I have a feeling you may be needing that!

Poll: How do I feel about turning 30?

Well, last week when I put the poll up there I felt a certain way and this week I feel a little differently. You are only as old as you feel? This is do believe in. I don't feel old, I feel overweight, but mentally I don't feel any older and certainly do not act a heck of a lot older. Although I don't know what feeling 30 is supposed to be like. If I act 20 then I guess I could stay feeling 20. Although when I was 20 a McD's chicken nugget meal didn't attach itself to my belly the way it does how loaded was that answer? Never been happier? This is definitely true. One thing that comes with age is confidence. The more years on earth, the more one does, the more experience one has and more things one has time to accomplish. And accomplish by my standards means to accept yourself for who you are and use yourself as the gauge. I look inward for acceptance far more often than I look outward I believe that is more important. I am the most happy I've ever been with myself and my life than I've ever been. This might explain the cranky mood I've been in? YES. I was certainly dreading this day. I worried about and allowed it to bother me and therefore I was cranky and sad. The actual day came and went and was a blast with a Tom Petty concert, my friends, my son, my family and my hubby. The next day was even better with more family and a party and then dinner with more friends last night proved that I am now 30 and loving it! It will only get better from here on out and that's the positive attitude that will keep me young at heart and happy. If I could lost the weight I'd be golden!

Monday, June 16, 2008

No Trespassing!

I guess drug addicts are really in desperate need of a fix these days. We have a dumpster in the yard for Matt to use for big jobs at work. The BatGuys trailer sits right next to it. It also sits on the other side of the house where there is room and where I can't see it from the window, which I thought was a good thing. I hear that dog next door crying/barking midday and I just assume it's 1 of the 100 times he'll bark today for no apparent reason. Something peaks my interest on this particular day and even though I'm in the middle of having my hair foiled (thanks Kell!) I grab Kyle on 1 hip, foil sticking off my head in my cutoffs and tank top and trot my little white trash self out to the driveway. There are two older men dumpster diving and jamming broken pieces of the tent that once stood in the backyard into there 1987 mercury sable. I don't know who was a worse sight, but I'll bet on them. I ask "may I help you" in a tone that clearly states "what the hell are you doing in my yard?" and they go on and on about some recycling crap they do. Instead of facing them head on with their b.s. and calling them on the obvious reason they are in my dumpster I ask them to please leave and do not return. Little unnerving because if that p.i.a dog next door wasn't going crazy I might not have known there we people just taking stuff out of my yard!

About 3 weeks later on a hot summer day; Kell, Ky and I are enjoying a swim in his 3x5 plastic pool (there's another sight) and a truck pulls into the yard, some freaky looking crackhead starts walking into my back yard asking me if I'm going to be putting any kind of metal in the dumpster! No, thanks, goodbye, don't come back. On his way out he say's I saw that there is an old radio in there, can I have that? What the hell is going on? When did you happen to see that there was a radio in there? How many people have been in this yard without me knowing and what the am I supposed to do with a 2 year old on my hip by myself in the backyard being approached by God knows who? I can't believe I had to go to Lowes to get a No Trespassing sign for a freakin' dumpster! Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that idea of 1 man's trash another man's treasure...but these are not treasure hunter's in my yard, they are looking for something to hawk for a fix. Not cool with it at all!

Happy Father's Day

To my wonderful husband for being a wonderful father. We both knew that becoming parents would be an adventure. We had the talks about raising children and how we'd like to do it, the rules we felt strongly about and the life we hoped to create for our family. I couldn't be more proud of Matt. He is one of the most dedicated and hard working people I've ever known and he does everything with 150% of himself. Becoming a father changed him, not enough that the outside world would notice, but enough that Kyle and I notice and we know how much he loves us and our family and is dedicated to us. Kyle is so lucky to have Matt for a Dad. Matt teaches him everything he knows and Kyle listens very closely. They play together, they laugh together, Kyle asks to go work with him and tells him to "have a nice day" every morning. They fish together, they talk about animals and explore the yard and woods together. They laugh and talk about their day during bath time. It is beautiful to watch them together and it is incredible to me how much Kyle is just like his Daddy. It's no question that he looks like him, but everything he does reminds me of Matt and I think that's wonderful. He has only just begun to learn from Matt and they will share this friendship for many years to come. I am blessed to watch it grow and be a part of an amazing family full of love. We love you!

To my own Dad for being you. For being someone who I can ALWAYS count on for anything. A good hug, a much needed cry, a pure laugh and all that you've taught me and given me of yourself. Very few people understand me the way my Dad does and it's nice to have that all to ourselves and to cherish it. We've done a lot of growing together and I couldn't have become who I am without you, and I am proud of that person. And for being Kyle's Bapa Billy Bob. It's enjoyable to watch a little person bring out the best in my Dad. They are starting to share more than hugs and kisses these days. My dad has introduced Kyle to the world of cars, engines, colors, makes, models and I'm pretty sure he'll be taking my place at the muscle car shows. He's passing on his love of birds. I am blessed to have you and my son is blessed to have you and I am happy to watch you two become friends. And you certainly make a mean cheeseburger and pot of baked beans! :) Love you!

And to the 2nd Dad I've gained by becoming a Grady. Papa Dan is a great friend to me. The brightest man I know and the person I pick up the phone to call when I have a question about ...well just about anything that you'd find in a book that's for sure! He accepted me as a daughter almost immediately and I felt a part of his family very early on. He's very thoughtful and always seems to find the perfect gift. He is also a man who I've seen a new side of since the birth of my son. They find much joy in each other. I'm not sure many other people can get Dan to act silly, play with bubbles and roll around on the living room floor. Kyle does it and they both laugh purely when they spend time together. I can't discard the fact that he's has much to do about raising the man I married into wonderful person and that's nothing to be taken lightly. Thank you for giving me Matt and thank you for being you. We love you!

OK, mush fest over....I'm out!
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Let me introduce ...

my new boyfriend...
This show was quite possibly the best live performance I've ever seen. I've seen a few really great shows, great music, great stage performance, great sets, but musically this was the best show I've seen. What a great 30th birthday! Kell, Justy, Matt and I had pretty good seats too. We were surrounded by cool people who were really enjoying the show (everyone in the audience was). And I was reminded of how awesome it is to see a show at Great Woods. Well, it was turned to Tweeter center and now Comcast center, but it will always be Great Woods to me. A really young crowd overall too, I was expecting to see a parking lot full of tokin' hippies, and there were a few older groups than us but we were not the young group anymore. Lots of drunken funny happenings, nothing too rowdy. We had front row seats to a drunken boyfriend/girlfriend fight because the boyfriend looked at a pretty girl who walked by. Did we ever act that way? I'm pretty sure I did once or twice. It's funny to look at them and think, wow they are really young. A random dude in a striped shirt who was circling our cars just clapping every now and then. I'm was certain that he was searching for someone and then came to the conclusion that he was just wasted walking in circles. We were the chill group of 12 hanging out grillin and drinking a few brews enjoying ourselves. There were 4 June birthday's in the crew also and Sara and Alyssa celebrated us with a yummy cake. Matt and I saw some funny sights walking back to our car which was parked in noman's land by the way. A kid standing in the middle of road looking down at his wet sneakers in disbelief, he then drops some knowledge on us "Don't take that shortcut" picks up his shoes and strolls away. Great night! Did I mention $7 sausages? Yup, worth it!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sofia!

A day in Plymouth to celebrate Sofia turning 1! Mo, you are a great Mom!

I couldn't possibly be happier to have great friends nearby and their amazing kids for Kyle to grow with. Kyle and Evan have been friends since Ev was 3 months old and it is so much fun to watch them grow individually as well as grow as friends. It reminds me a lot of how our own friendships have grown and strengthened over the years. They have come from cooing and giggling together to sliding at the park holding hands and blowing bubbles together. They are both great kids and so loving. I am blessed to have them. And we have a couple of chicks to play with too! Sofia turns 1 on Sunday and I can't believe it's been a year. It's cliche, but GD it it's true that time flies. I think it takes on a whole new meaning when you are watching a little one grow. She is growing into a little girl these days walking and checking out the world around her. She was pleased to see baby Addie at the "playgroup" today too. I could see in her face the relief that Sue has blessed us with another amazing child and a baby girl this time for Sofia to grow and explore with. She'll need help when those darn boys start trying to push her around (not that they do, but I'm sure the sweetness will turn into chasing the girls with snakes someday) Sue, you also are an amazing Mom! Your kids are so lucky to have you as thier Mom.

As you all know, I can't let 1 day pass without taking a ridiculous amount of pictures. I get this from my gramma Donahue if any of you wondered. Instead of a dining room full of printed pictures spilling out of the drawers, I have a computer drive dedicated to my obsession. I can't imagine paying to have all these pictures developed, ahh the beauty of digital! Not to mention I only have to be on point and get a good shot on an average of 1 out of 10.

Nothing tells a story like a great picture, a good candid when the shot catches the kids living life. I love having them all and looking back at them to jog my terrible memory. It's crazy to me that I can forget something that Kyle did when he was 6 months, look at a picture from that time and it all comes flooding back. I am sure when graduation day comes and I'm staring and two grown men I'll be happy to have pictures from this time and remember what they were like when they were this age learning to be friends. I am sure they will be happy to have them and realize why I tend to go overboard with that camera too. It's a sure sign when Kyle say's cheese and crinkles his face when he see me bust out the camera case.

As usual we had a great day. A great visit with friends who can understand everything you are going through in life right now. There is not much more sacred than friendship. Non judgemental, true friendship is hard to find and I can't imagine not having it. Lots of laughs, a climb up Mount Everest (lol) that I didn't even knew existed in Plymouth. Leave it to Mo to find the most challenging route and put Sue and I to the test. It's OK, we lived through it and my calves are thanking Mo right now :) Had to sweat out that pizza some how! I'll be replacing those calories tomorrow with a few Corona's at the Tom Petty show. Love you girls!

P.S. All the pictures from the day can be found on the link to the side

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summertime Beauty

"Early Morning Dew"
"Mammy's Red Rose"
"Flutter by Butterfly"
"Lilac climber"

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

Let's hope not too much, or at least not enough to eat a shed. We have a new neighbor, actually Matt say's he comes back every summer and I can't believe with all the time we spend in the yard we only came across him today. The cutest little thing! Actually, he's much bigger than I would have guessed. I knew something was housed under the shed, but never sure what it was and today he came out to play. Snuck out and a took a peak around the yard, but never did he wander off to far from home. I just wanted to pick him up and give him a snuggle, but Matt thought that may not be a great idea. He can stay as long as he likes, heck no one else pays rent, why should he?! (LOL) I can't believe Matt gets calls daily to come and evict these adorable little guys, they aren't bothering anyone and heck, if we didn't build our homes on every sq. inch of land they might find a nice rock to live under. I'll make him a sign Home Sweet Home little fella!

Summa Summa Summmatime!

This is what the summer is all about!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Girl Crazy...

already?! I had a feeling he might a ladies man, but that's just because I'm bias and happen to think he's the cutest thing ever.... but he's proving to really have a eye for the ladies this kid! I thought for sure during the Cuniowski visit that him and Ben would be tearing Sue's house to shred's and to my surprise he followed Jenna around like a little dog calling "I want Jenna" that day and for days to follow. She's a little older, but it could work. We'll have to prove to Pete he worthy :) So we take a trip to the "new" playground and a little boy named Nick wants to play with Kyle so badly. But, surprise surprise Kyle's got his eye on this little girl named Kendal. Turns out Kendal like's to be a leader and Ky jumps onto that bandwagon really fast. "You can't catch me...." she taunts. And Ky's legs are in overdrive and he chases her around the entire playground belly laughing the whole time. It's so much fun to sit back and watch him interact these days with other kids.