Friday, June 6, 2008

Girl Crazy...

already?! I had a feeling he might a ladies man, but that's just because I'm bias and happen to think he's the cutest thing ever.... but he's proving to really have a eye for the ladies this kid! I thought for sure during the Cuniowski visit that him and Ben would be tearing Sue's house to shred's and to my surprise he followed Jenna around like a little dog calling "I want Jenna" that day and for days to follow. She's a little older, but it could work. We'll have to prove to Pete he worthy :) So we take a trip to the "new" playground and a little boy named Nick wants to play with Kyle so badly. But, surprise surprise Kyle's got his eye on this little girl named Kendal. Turns out Kendal like's to be a leader and Ky jumps onto that bandwagon really fast. "You can't catch me...." she taunts. And Ky's legs are in overdrive and he chases her around the entire playground belly laughing the whole time. It's so much fun to sit back and watch him interact these days with other kids.

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