Thursday, June 12, 2008

How much wood can a wood chuck chuck?

Let's hope not too much, or at least not enough to eat a shed. We have a new neighbor, actually Matt say's he comes back every summer and I can't believe with all the time we spend in the yard we only came across him today. The cutest little thing! Actually, he's much bigger than I would have guessed. I knew something was housed under the shed, but never sure what it was and today he came out to play. Snuck out and a took a peak around the yard, but never did he wander off to far from home. I just wanted to pick him up and give him a snuggle, but Matt thought that may not be a great idea. He can stay as long as he likes, heck no one else pays rent, why should he?! (LOL) I can't believe Matt gets calls daily to come and evict these adorable little guys, they aren't bothering anyone and heck, if we didn't build our homes on every sq. inch of land they might find a nice rock to live under. I'll make him a sign Home Sweet Home little fella!

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Erin said...

I think you should leave him/her some food so that he/she doesn't bother your veggies in the garden. Also, I think him/her needs a name. I would suggest an asexual (is that the word I'm looking for...I don't think so but I hope you know what I mean) name because I don't think anyone will be willing to volunteer to find out the sex.