Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pitbull or Kyle?

After Kyle had a "diaper raining party" (notice the floor) he wanted to do some dancing. Far be it for me to allow a moment to go undocumented and boy am I happy I caught this one on tape. Kid's got rythem! We are teaching him the Zumba moves next! Froggy boots will be required AND must be on the incorrect feet :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In the interest of The Secret...

....please view the following photo in order to envision the spring/ summer, fill your mind with warmth, outdoors, shorts, flowers, veggies, swingsets, green trees, green grass and envoke the spirit of spring! The law of attraction can't ignore it! (even those of you in warmer climates ahem, Chris)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Science Museum

The winter is KILLING me! Even Ky is asking me daily "Mama, is it spring yet?" I didn't care that it was 9 degrees on Thursday, we needed a day out so we packed up (not too much to pack up anymore with a 2 year old) and headed to Boston. I figured it might be a shot in the dark with Kyle because he's only 2 and how much can he really enjoy about Science, right? Wrong! He loved it! They had a cute 20 minute 3D movie about going to the moon that he loved, we ended up picking up Nana on the way which always makes things more fun, the T-Rex gave him a scare but he came around and there was a very cool butterfly exhibit. I spent some time in the bird sanctuary trying to find out the name of a bird who's call I LOVE and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when I hear it sing. 45 minutes and 100's of bird calls later I never found it....dannnng! I need to know! I wish I could whistle the call into google. Google, do you hear me?! Oh, so back to the trip...we had fun! Lots of things about the Science museum I'd forgotten about...its been quite a while! In the butterfly exhibit it was 85 degrees and sunny! If you need me for the remainder of the winter, this is where you will find me...

Kyle informed me that Blue Morpho butterflies drink the juice from falling fruit. Ok, so watching Diego is helpful.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What do you do when it's winter and 45 degrees outside in New England?

You go for a walk of course! Strip your coat, hat & mittens and let the sun soak you with vitamin D. At least that's what we did. Dream of the snow & ice melting away and picture sprouts popping in your yard. Let your face feel the warmth of the sun. Envision the green grass of spring and start to plan your garden. What veggies will we plant this year? How much fun with Ky be this summer? Who can we round up for beach days? All these wonderful thoughts running through my mind as I stood in a snowbank and allowed the now 50 degree weather to penetrate my brain. I had spring sprung in a matter of hours! This was taken right after he walked head first into the gate...and knocked himself backwards onto the ground. No injuries, but can't figure out how he didn't see it?
Jumping with Loco-rama! She needs some exercise badly, poor dog.
Ky found his shadow dancing along with him
Ky & Mammy enjoying the sun!
Today.....a whole different story...3-8 inches....blahhhhhhh!

Ode to a Home Appliance shout...

Go ahead and mock me, but I think this home appliance deserves props. The Pellet Stove! I searched from the beginning of the fall for someone to come out and service/clean/make sure it wouldn't blow the house up check the pellet stove we have in our house. Since it was here when we bought the house (from my in-laws who's parents once owned the house and know exactly where it was purchased) and we didn't purchase it our selves...NO ONE would come out! I mean, no one! I called as far as the Cape to get someone out here and "sorry miss, we only service what we sell" was always the response. Even from the people who the stove was actually purchase from, but with no proof. I'll avoid a slander suit and omit the name of the only pellet stove company in middleborro, Ma who do A LOT of business....(ahh I feel a little better). I'm not one to fight tooth and nail and get all headstrong with someone over the phone so I politely say "oh, really, that's too bad" and figure out a way to take care of it myself! Since it was involving fire and potentially burning the house down I figured I'd better know what I was doing. With many helpful hints from my Mother In Law and some website searches; I got it working! And watched it like a hawk for several days to make sure it was working properly. She's a Blaze folks! The very sad arts & crafts table not longer needs to be dragged to a jammed spot somewhere in the house during the cold winter months, our boots and mittens find themselves drying by the fire, it heats the house for about $5 a day keeping the entire house at 71 on average and it smells delightful! I've always loved the smell of a fire. No longer do I have to lock the sliding glass door or worry about the cat opening it to let the cold air from the porch in. And it's like adding a room to a cramped house, in the winter with an energetic little boy running about! A pellet stove, how I love thee. Shall we name her?!