Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What do you do when it's winter and 45 degrees outside in New England?

You go for a walk of course! Strip your coat, hat & mittens and let the sun soak you with vitamin D. At least that's what we did. Dream of the snow & ice melting away and picture sprouts popping in your yard. Let your face feel the warmth of the sun. Envision the green grass of spring and start to plan your garden. What veggies will we plant this year? How much fun with Ky be this summer? Who can we round up for beach days? All these wonderful thoughts running through my mind as I stood in a snowbank and allowed the now 50 degree weather to penetrate my brain. I had spring sprung in a matter of hours! This was taken right after he walked head first into the gate...and knocked himself backwards onto the ground. No injuries, but can't figure out how he didn't see it?
Jumping with Loco-rama! She needs some exercise badly, poor dog.
Ky found his shadow dancing along with him
Ky & Mammy enjoying the sun!
Today.....a whole different story...3-8 inches....blahhhhhhh!

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