Friday, April 10, 2009

You can close for camping...

....but you can't keep us out of your woods! Massasoit State Park...our beloved woodsy getaway has been deemed uninhabitable to the public camping community this year. A sad state of events for a girl who's been camping there since she was 2 weeks old! Ok, so I haven't technically camped there in many years, but I did end up moving 5 minutes up the street therefore granting myself year round access to doggy rock. Kyle is falling in love with it too. We walk there just about once a week; rain, snow, shine we find a way to smell the Massasoit air. My favorite bird has been chirping as we step out of the car these days and it fills my heart with joy. I call it the "summer bird". If there was a way for me to google a bird call to find out what this bird is actually called, I'd do it! I just might send video out to the masses looking for answers. Even Matt came home the other day and told me he heard my "summer bird" this Am and thought of me. We thought for years it was the Whippoorwill and then a recent trip to the Science Museum in Boston squashed that. While Nana Cill and Kyle ran circles around the bird room I sat in one spot listening to the calls of 100's of local birds trying to identify my "summer bird" only to leave with that questioned unanswered. It may even require a 2nd visit this spring to search some more. Anyway - Massasoit. We tried out roller skating there the other day this week and we chose a bad day for Kyle (I'll post separately my rant about the bank incident) and he wasn't having skating, but we turned it around with some good old fashion "throwing rocks into the water" activity and kept him happy! I'll kind of enjoy having the Massasoit beach to ourselves this year without all those pesky campers....polluted or not, I'll swim!

"off and skating"

"little better"

"meltdown!" I shouldn't have mentioned that its just like the ice skating that he hated ever minute of

"last chance"
Happy Now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's officially spring round these parts....

...when a fire gathering has taken place! A couple of weeks ago we had a spontaneaous backyard fire gathering for Kell's B-day. I love those nights when everyone turns out to be available and we all throw on jeans a sweatshirt intending to smell like campfire at the end of the nite! Music, fire, games, laughing...friends getting together! That's what my sweatshirt smells like the next morning.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Springing into Spring

I started a project with Kyle to help kick off the spring....problem is I started it WAY too early. It's going beautifully, we have TONS of plants growing in the office window and they are growing really quickly. They could in fact be planted in the ground right now, but the ground is about 1 1/2 months away from being ready and you never do know when that last frost will be. I've lost many flowers before there time due to a late frost. I'm transplanting a few of them into much larger pots and hoping they won't outgrow them and hang on until they can be planted. We shall see!