Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silly Bands at 3 years old?

It's been a while and I've found new inspiration to blog again (at least at this moment) because I started this blog hoping to document Kyle's childhood and he's going to be 4 in August - I should probably get on it. And I know Mammy enjoys it too :) For the 1st time I was at the mercy of the retail gods searching for "silly bands" And they don't sell them at Target?! WHAT, I can't find it at Target - it must not exist! Someday I just know I will be duped into getting a Target CC becuase I'll answer yes without listening and before you know it I'll owe thousands to them. Got off track, sorry. No, I have to search gas stations and Trucchi's markets to find the latest and greatest "it" toy which is in danger of being banned from schools. Silly bands. Kyle is officially sporting 35 of them and I know this becuase he takes them off, lays them out and counts them 35 times a day. I won't know what the lower half of his left arm looks like for some time I'm sure and if he gets kicked out of pre-school for trading them its over. But, I'll admit I'm kinda into it. I was accused of such when my eyes lit up while hopping into the 4th store yesterday in search of them and I dug through the bin asking things like "is there a limit to how many pkgs I can buy?" and " Are they all animals or do they Oh look fruit one! " Yup - I'm that Mom. Felt a little bit of pride even when Kyle walked into school this AM and showed off that his Mom found silly bands. I'm kinda cool like that and get what the kids are into! LOL