Monday, June 30, 2008

Southwicks Zoo

"No really Ky, there is a deer right behind you!"

Is it possible to be a zoo connoisseur? If so, I am one! We've hit almost every zoo in MA since the end of March until now. We love bits and pieces of them all and the Southwicks Zoo has taken the cake so far. They have a deer farm, elephant rides and a bounce house to name a few. We will be back to visit that place before summer's over and probably a couple time after that too. Kyle is a zoo expert and I'm afraid I'm ruining the zoo experience for him because some of the common animals are becoming a bore to him?! "Oh a monkey, nice Mom what's next" "Great a Zebra, we've seen 10 of them this year"

But an elephant ride, that's a new one. I NEVER thought I'd get him on an Elephant but Auntie Sara, her niece and nephew were with us and if Auntie Sara's doing it, Kyle's doing it. He LOVED it! He kept looking down and in a diva way calling to the zoo keeper to "look at me, I riding a elephant" It was fun for me too, can't say I've ridden an elephant before. But, I will make a side note of how it equally saddens me that this is the animals existence. Ugh. Why does Sara McLaughlin have to sing that damn "Arms of the angel" song with all those sad dogs commercial. I'd rather stay oblivious sometimes. Anyway, back to exploiting really cool animals.....

"A clue a clue"

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sara said...

that was one of his best comments of the day! haha