Monday, June 16, 2008

No Trespassing!

I guess drug addicts are really in desperate need of a fix these days. We have a dumpster in the yard for Matt to use for big jobs at work. The BatGuys trailer sits right next to it. It also sits on the other side of the house where there is room and where I can't see it from the window, which I thought was a good thing. I hear that dog next door crying/barking midday and I just assume it's 1 of the 100 times he'll bark today for no apparent reason. Something peaks my interest on this particular day and even though I'm in the middle of having my hair foiled (thanks Kell!) I grab Kyle on 1 hip, foil sticking off my head in my cutoffs and tank top and trot my little white trash self out to the driveway. There are two older men dumpster diving and jamming broken pieces of the tent that once stood in the backyard into there 1987 mercury sable. I don't know who was a worse sight, but I'll bet on them. I ask "may I help you" in a tone that clearly states "what the hell are you doing in my yard?" and they go on and on about some recycling crap they do. Instead of facing them head on with their b.s. and calling them on the obvious reason they are in my dumpster I ask them to please leave and do not return. Little unnerving because if that p.i.a dog next door wasn't going crazy I might not have known there we people just taking stuff out of my yard!

About 3 weeks later on a hot summer day; Kell, Ky and I are enjoying a swim in his 3x5 plastic pool (there's another sight) and a truck pulls into the yard, some freaky looking crackhead starts walking into my back yard asking me if I'm going to be putting any kind of metal in the dumpster! No, thanks, goodbye, don't come back. On his way out he say's I saw that there is an old radio in there, can I have that? What the hell is going on? When did you happen to see that there was a radio in there? How many people have been in this yard without me knowing and what the am I supposed to do with a 2 year old on my hip by myself in the backyard being approached by God knows who? I can't believe I had to go to Lowes to get a No Trespassing sign for a freakin' dumpster! Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that idea of 1 man's trash another man's treasure...but these are not treasure hunter's in my yard, they are looking for something to hawk for a fix. Not cool with it at all!

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Suzanne said...

Yikes...That is not cool of them at all to be on your property. I want to feel bad that some are less fortunate, but that doesn't mean that you don't respect someone's property and privacy.

We have a lady who goes through our cans on recycling day, but that is curbside so she is not on our property.

We always laugh b/c she must think she hits the jackpot with us after like the EBQ or a fun weekend....