Saturday, April 19, 2008

The "tucc"

as Mo called it! Bertucci's for those who don't know Mo. What makes 3 grown woman, mother's & wives believe it would be a good idea to trek 4 kids under 2 out to lunch at 12 Noon on a beautiful day?? The answer...Devon! Devon was our adorable waiter on this wild play date day at Bertucci's. Let me back up a moment. My child is in a "I don't want to sit" phase so when we spot a line at Cosi and no table in sight I freak. Let's go somewhere to be waited on ladies!? Ev is really hungry and not happy when he notice's we are heading for the door, Addie is a snoozlebug in her car seat and Sofia, Ev & Ky are all on a hip as we decide to footrace to Bertucci's rather than grab a car or a stroller. It's pushing 80 degrees in the middle of April and my sweatshirt is a bad idea. Ok, we make it to "the tucc" ( I love that!) and I'm pretty sure most people crapped their pants when they saw us arrive. All but 1 person, our waiter! They seat us in our own room (pretty much) and we managed to scare away a couple of ladies. Devon arrives, maybe 23 yrs old, adorable, bright eyed and not afraid of us at all! He takes our orders and before we know it all the food is here and gone. Sue notes "this is soooo a blog" When he offers refills in "to go" cups he seals the deal of a BIG tip :) After making it 1/2 way back to the cars, we are sweating, full, tired and Sue make an executive decision to get the car. Smart move. I guess the idea of hitting up L.L. Bean after lunch got lost somewhere between Ky having pizza all over his pants and the very tired group of us. Great visit, we survived with no major scars, tell Devon we'll be back! I actually did grab the manager card with intention of writing a letter and 1/2 way home become honest with myself that I would never write it, so I called the manager instead. I should call back and get his schedule so we can plan playdate lunches around it. We may need to up the tip, any ideas?!


Suzanne said...

LOVE IT! Thank god for Goldfish as the pacifier until the food came - they are a foodgroup, right? And how much did we love Devon serving us our pizza slices and bringing us two salads so we could try both dressings. He was one step ahead of us...his mom did good.

Anonymous said...

I miss Bertucci's! along with the beach, marathon Monday, Dunkin' Donuts, Red Sox games...oh, the list goes on & on!