Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah's Birthday party is always the summer kickoff get together according to our group and it's always so nice to see everyone. I can never believe that it's another year come and gone and at the same time it's another summer to look fwd to seeing great friends in the beautiful weather. The weather held out for us too! They tried to call for storms, but they did not arrive. The cold did show up, but Adam had already gotten the fire up at going at that point. Here is that gorgeous little girl growing up before our eyes.
She is a sweetheart too, just like her Mom. She loves Ky and it's cute to watch her look out for him like a big sis. Speaking of Ky, he had a blast! Surrounded by older chicks and a swing set and he was in his glory, the dirty face, feet and belly full of cookies was proof!
Not to mention Auntie galore! This kid loves all of his Aunties. He has a cute infatuation with Auntie Sara especially, always wants to know if she's going to be where we are going. And when she is, I know why he loves her as much as I do. Auntie Alyss and David to play with, Auntie "toots" is ever present and he got hit up by both Auntie "Sim" and Kath too. No wonder this kid is so happy. He certainly feels the love. It's pretty cool for Mom to get a break too. Speaking of which, kudos to Auntie Swans! This girl is super nanny if anyone is looking. Kyle was in danger of falling off of the swing set and before I could even consider getting out of the hammock I watched a trail of dust fly off Swans' shoes and she was at his side in no time! Literally like something out of a movie....even a camera couldn't have moved that quickly. Well done Swans, well done. All in all, another great birthday party. I did have to bail out before the beer drinking commenced and take a tired little boy home. And I thought he'd fall right asleep, but I made the mistake of thinking I could get rid of the "deets a reets" on this long ride home. To make sure I didn't give in, I didn't even bring one to bail me out, so he cried "Mommy..please...deets a reets" pretty much the whole ride home. How I wish I had a binky with me...didn't matter either cause he was given the dam thing the minute I got home anyway.... That's a habit I hope to break him of this summer...looks like it won't be easy!

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