Sunday, April 27, 2008

Somerset Slides..

We had a fun day with Auntie Erin at the Somerset Slidepark and beach. Pictures tell a thousand words.. Kyle's first run in with the ice cream truck for a delicious Snow Cone.... The big slide with Auntie Erin. This things is very cool. And some kids have got the trick too, cardboard to make the ride that much faster! Mom went for a ride too, I am so bringing the wax paper next trip!
He decided to go it alone on the smaller slide.
And then we hit the beach for some rock throwing, sandcastles and mating horseshoe crabs. Of course I explained them to be Mommy and baby but another mother at the beach had to correct me...He's 20 months, I mean really lady!


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Great photos Erica, I need you to take some shots of Trin. Keep having fun, and living life to the fullest. Love, Marie