Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring is springing!

We spent the day at Sara's last week in Southie, what a beautiful day?! No sign of Whitey, although I'm sure a few of the old men we saw to have told us some real great stories. I wish it wouldn't be odd for me to stop at one of there stoops and ask for a good tale.What a great place to live, the people walking around down at Castle Island, playgrounds around the corner, the water.... We had a nice long walk and Kyle love the planes coming down very low to us.
It's pretty funny watching Sara walk two dogs too, I never thought I'd see that! They are good puppies and give lots of kisses. We did a little yard work and she has some beautiful daffodils peeking up! I love getting Kyle out to visit the places around Mass because I all too often take for granted where we live. And it's important to take lots of pics because I know he'll need to be reminded of these days through pics and stories. Kyle also loves throwing rocks into the water. I actually had a woman stop at the boardwalk while I was about 10 ft from him and yell to him "Don't go in the water!" Is she serious? What am I chopped liver? Anyway, great day all around and many more visits to come!

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