Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What are the chances a family who own a wildlife removal business would have a critter? If you answered pretty good, then you win! As I try to put back together a crib around a sleeping little boy at 9PM I start to hear something in the wall. Shall I back up? Ok. Yup, I jumped the gun on the Toddler Bed stage. Figured I'd removed the side of his 4-1 crib and see if Ky would go to sleep in his big boy bed. He was very excited about it and to my surprise bedtime went smoothly, that is until he actually dozed off. No side rail could be purchased that would fit or do the trick in a days time, so I planned to put a mess of pillows on the floor just in case. Before I even left the room the little guy almost tumbled twice! So, imagine how fun it was trying to creep around him and put the side back on without waking sleeping beauty. Needless to say I was being as quiet as a mouse....which coincidentally the actual mouse was not being so quiet! What? A critter in our house? What on earth should I do? I can't possibly freak out like the people we often joke about after hearing thier frantic phone messages at 3AM. So I woke up the BatGuy. His response.."really, must just be a mouse" Rolls over back to bed. I'm certainly not paying his fee anyway :) Oh Well, crib back together, no bumps in the night other than the mouse chillin' in the attic.


Suzanne said...

That is too funny compared to when we had the flying squirrel (that we invited in by leaving the flu open) and Bri said, "GET MATT GRADY ON THE PHONE" at 2 AM!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Err. I would be the crazy wife screaming and yelling jumping on the bed with baby in hand..
Kerry -

Erica said...

Sue - I love when you tell that story and say it was like the Pres. trying to get the Vice Pres. on the phone!!!