Sunday, April 20, 2008

I surrender

to the fashion police that is. Those of you who have had to be subject to my fashion faux pas, I officially apologize! But in my defense, who would have thought it would be flip flop weather this early anyhow, right? Yup, I sported 1/2 polished toes with open toe shoes, not a pretty site. Funny thing is, I have been in violation for about 4 days now and most likely will be tomorrow as well. I am pretty sure that the rules still apply to even the busiest of SAHM so that excuse is not valid. Do they count as polished if I just slap some polish over the disaster that already exists and unless you are up close and personal you don't know the difference or do I have to actually get a babysitter and use the gift card for a pedicure that I got for my birthday....LAST JUNE!!! I'll admit that I felt better having glanced around at some other Mom toes today at Target and they weren't all in much better shape than my toes. Happy Painting!

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Anonymous said...

tsk, are forgiven! I'm suspect, too...just got around to it the other day, cuz I had a girls night out- took me all of 10 minutes...then I had to do Jenna's, and after all the begging, I let Ben get 1 toenail painted- Pete's not too happy about it!