Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Vision Board

I have read The Secret, I have watched the movie several times and I have started using it in my daily life here and there and as an overal guide. I have not, however, got my vision board up and running. Well, I have a great friend who has and it's working so it's that much more motivation. Ok, vision board purchased, vision board up, now to add to it. My visions!? What I noticed when adding things to the board was how easy it is to think 1st off of everything we DON'T want but that I find it hard to clarify what I DO want. And according to The Secret a negative thought produces a negative result, so out with the negative and in with the positive! I'm starting with the clearly most important things and will work from there. Let's see..... Kyle's smiling face to remind me to keep it that way, a wedding photo to keep the marriage as a top priority, a picture of my head strapped to a hott body, a picture of my dream log cabin on a lake, a map to remind me I want to travel and the list will go on. It's on, universe!


Suzanne said...

OK - My infamous daily question - "Did you see Oprah yesterday?" about "A new earth" - I think we need to read that next. Take "Eat, Pray, Love", "The Secret" and "A New Earth" and master it all (not easy!!) and I think that is pure happiness. When did we become so philosiphical????

Anonymous said...

OH! I started the New Earth...and ues, Pete & I are dorks & signed up for the class online. However, we are a bit backed up, seeing how I had to read each paragraph 5 times in just the 1st chapter. I think it gets better & easier from now on... I TRULY beleive in The Secret...My glass is ALWAYS half full!
Maybe we should start an online bookclub?