Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's working!

I started my vision board (as you've heard) and I love it. It's fun to think of something that you love or would love and stick it up there to see day after day. Well, I'm proud to report that it's working. I love photography, I have for a long time and have never taking it very seriously. I added it to my vision board. I usually luck out with some great shots but do believe that I have "an eye" for a good shot. I got a beautiful camera for Christmas '06 when Ky was born and have use it daily since then. But, I have never looked into the paperwork that actually came with it. Matt's aunt had an extra spot in a class she signed up for with Ritz camera (free classes when you purchase through them by the way) and she invited me along. Thank you, Annie! It's open the floodgates to how much I love it and how much more I want to pursue. I looked through the paperwork (after over a year) and see that there are all kinds of deals with Ritz and more classes offered FREE teaching almost everything you'll need to know to be serious about photography. Check out Ky throwing a stick in the lake in succession. Love this camera!!!! And loving knowing The Secret :)


Anonymous said...

Good to hear! I love photography too...actually researching slr's right now. Figure it's a good investment, and hope to take a class in the future. Maybe you can teach me some stuff!

Erica said...

If you have a Ritz Camera down there they give you a bunch of stuff with it and free classes! I personally love the Canon Rebel XTi (probably cause that's the one I have) but honestly have always preferred a Canon. Although, they are having a huge promotion on the Nikon D80 where you can possibly get a 2nd zoom lens for cheap as part of the package!!!

Suzanne said...

Erica - these pics are beautiful, and you are a great mom!!