Sunday, March 30, 2008

Into the Wild

Christopher McCandless self portrait

Have you seen it? If you haven't put the kids to bed early tonight, grab a box of tissues and be ready for an adventure. I should prefice my opinion by reminding you, I am mushy and always in search of something that I can't quite reach out and touch. With that said I am obcessed with this kid Christopher McCanless and now the actor who play's him Emile Hirshe. I'll be ordering the book too.

Incredible story of adventure, living life in a non-typical way, seeing the land in that same way and meeting people, finding relationships and the true good in people. Most importantly finding oneself. Don't get me wrong, I don't think you need to abandon all society and run into the wild to find yourself, but this kid did and I admire that. In a second I would pack up my family into a winnie and take off for an adventure. No clear destination and allow us to meet and see things unplanned. It reminds me how meaningless material things really are and that most of it just takes up space in our lives and our minds when there is a world to be seen and rediscovered with each new foot to walk it. His parents are cast and fake, phony, loveless, money driven people who only found their true selves when he went missing. Some think he was a fool, I agree with Sean Penn and felt he was honest and real and died having found more of himself than most people ever will. I hope not me.

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Just arrived via BB by mail!! Will be watching it tonite;-)