Monday, August 4, 2008

Crazy week.....

I promise to post about Jamaica and include pics. I even started the post and just haven't had a chance to devote the time to the entire comedy of errors which was our vacation. Anyway, I have been trying to get the apartment next door ready for Erin & Eddy when they return and when the old tenant (I'll refer to him as tenant instead of the name I'd really like to give him) finally got the last of his stuff out on the 3rd I was short a few days for clean-up and repair. I was much too nice to this jerk and let him walk all over me and play his sob story game for two long. My poor mother-in-law was subject to cleaning up the grossest item on the planet found on his bedroom floor (among the mess) and I am disgusted at the way people can be and be treated. It's impossible to do nice things for people who will NEVER appreciate them and in return leave a mess like this guy left. Not to mention being out 3 days late and still owing rent from June. Nice. I am so excited to spend the week cleaning his filth. But I am truly excited to welcome the newlywed Erin & Eddy home to be our new neighbors!

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