Sunday, August 3, 2008

PMC 2008

Matt's 1st ride in the PMC took place this weekend. Day 1, 4:30 AM, 3 hours sleep after a 20 hour trip back from Jamaica and he's ready to ride! (I'll just stay in bed a bit longer honey, but good luck)! Kyle and I did sleep in a bit longer, but then we hopped in the car, picked up Kara and headed for the 1st day's finish line at Mass Maritime in Bourne. Matt made great time arriving just after 1pm. He said that the outpouring of support every inch of the way was incredible and more than he ever could have imagined. People everywhere, cheering them on, ringing cow bells, jumping up and down and sharing their stories via posterboard. With 5395 riders this year and record breaking fundraising success at 20,000,000 and climbing this is an amazing thing to be a part of. Kyle was very proud of Daddy and happy to meet him at the finish line. Matt grabbed something to eat, we headed home and he fell asleep around 6pm in preparation for day 2.

Day 2 found Matt much more rested and he took off from Bourne around 5:15 Am, he called me at 7:30 to let me know to get on the road because he'd already made it to Yarmouth! We hit the road early and missed the traffic. Just as we entered P-town Matt called to tell me he was about 20 miles out and would arrive at the finish line around 10am. The support was equally as astounding on day 2, people lined the streets with signs and cheers for these riding heros.

As he predicted at 10:10 am Matt rounded the corner of the finish line and therefore completing his 1st PMC in one piece. Actually in great shape! I am very proud of him and all his hard work that went into this ride. I am sure that we will be a part of this for years to come in one way or another. Who knows, maybe someday we can cross that finish line hand in hand.
Hats off to Team L.E.G.S. which is the team Matt road with. Their team alone raised $90k


Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I check you blog all the time and love. Can't wait to see the Jamica pics. LOVE - Kerry

sara said...

OMG he is amazing! I'm so proud!