Friday, October 3, 2008

Why? Who? What?

All simple questions, right? I thought so once. Now Kyle wants me to answer these questions; all day long every day. I have patience most of the time and I answer with a calm soothing loving voice because I think it's amazing he's so inquisitive. Example:

Mom " Kyle, let's brush your teeth"
Kyle "Why Mommy?"
Mom "Because we need to keep them healthy"
Kyle "Why Mama?"
Mom"Because someday the dentist will want to look at them and they should be pearly white, come up in the bathroom"
Kyle"Why Mommy, what's the dentist"
Mom"He's like a Dr. for your and because I love you and I want your teeth to be healthy we have to brush everyday"
Kyle "Why Mamma?"
(Now is when my patience starts to get thin and the parents you see on t.v. comedy skit enters)
Mom" Because you ate 3 pops and cake yesterday and your teeth are going to fall out of your head if we don't brush, now get the Diego toothpaste and let's go"
It usually doesn't end there but you get the picture.

I do love that he's asking questions, I just don't love ending with "because I said so" so often. Nothing seems to stop the machine gun like question firing until I get silly or just plain make something up that he can't fire back a question at. Now he's heard me tell people that he's a "why mamma" kid and he can sense when I start to lose my patience with it and he'll sit in the back seat and say "why mamma, why, why, why.
Picture this: We are driving on the highway to visit Auntie Sara, woo hoo! We love auntie Sara.
Mom" Kyle it's going to be a fun day at Auntie's today"
Kyle"Where does she live?"
Mom"In Boston"
Kyle"What color is her house?"
Mom"Ummm white I think"
Kyle"No, it's black. Are her doggy's there?"
Mom"Yup, but they got bigger"
Kyle"What color are they? Can we kiss them? what street does auntie live on? what's that (pointing to the ocean) who's driving that red car (pointing to the idiot who's about to cut me off"
This guy's cutting me off, I'm trying to get to the off ramp, my phone starts ringing, a fly landed on my face and I've got the question box firing away in the back seat.
Mom"Kyle, can you please stop asking questions for one minute?"

Kyle"Why Mommy?"

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Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh that is so so funny!!!