Saturday, October 25, 2008


They are more than a pain in the a$$ to rake and get out of your yard, they are fun for all ages :) It seems like it went from decent fall days around here to very cold all of the sudden. Yesterday was a nicer day and we spent a lot of time outside with the Mitchell girls. While out there I realized I have A LOT of fall clean ups to work on. Leaves to be wrangled and toys to be stored away. When Ky woke up from his afternoon nap in a very cranky mood I figured bundle up and get outside and do some good 'ol fashion leaf jumpin'! He dug it. Auntie Erin joined us and then Uncle Ed too. Kyle is pretty much up for anything, even when the leaves were going down his pants and they were "weawwy ichy"

Strike a Pose

Kyle, where are you?


Anonymous said...

SO fun! I was so ready to build a scarecrow with the kids yesterday, but-oh wait- all are leaves are still green and on the trees- miss the NE fall!

sara said...

I want to live next to Auntie Erin, that girl is always fun!!!!!!