Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Deet!

I don't think that this has been officially documented as the past few weeks have been a bit busy. But, we are proud to announce that the Deet is Obsolete!!! After meeting an adorable 4 year old with a terrible lisp due to binky abuse, we'd had enough. Her mother gave me the genius idea of "The Deet Fairy" (or Binky Fairy in most households) The idea is to leave the Deet for the fairy so she can bring it to a baby who needs them and in it's place she'd leave a surprise. It worked, it friggin worked!!! His teeth will not be buck, but he'll probably lose them all to rot because the surprise is a pop and they just kept on coming! He gave away 5 Deets in one day just to get the pop. The night of Erin's wedding on Sept. 20th was the 1st full night Deet free and he's been that way ever since. I thought for sure it'd be the worst couple of weeks of my life, but it wasn't bad at all. Should have done it sooner. Of course we have a new problem, anyone know where I can sign him up for Pops Anonymous??? We have to bargain these days and it down to 3 pops a day; after breakfast (I know, I'm going to hell for giving my kid a dum dum at 9AM) a lunch pop and a dinner pop. He's even tricky enough to barter for his dinner pop early and give up the after dinner treat. Ok by me, get the sugar in and out earlier in the day.

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