Sunday, October 12, 2008

Auntie Toots pictures..

A Corn Maze
A child who likes to run and hide in the corn, therefore, the corn maze lasted about 10 minutes and was did a little sneak out the side....
A child who likes ice cream on a hayride, even if the other people thought we should toss the ice cream because it was attracting bees. They lived.
D.W. Field to feed the hungry Geese several loaves of 1/2 price bread
A beautiful little boy who enjoyed every minute of it. After a long week of being stuck in the house sick, this was a much welcomed day of adventure. We love spur of the moment Auntie Toots days!

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sara said...

Awww Sounds Like Fun!!!! Where was the corn maze? I need all the Ideas I can get! :) Auntie Toot RULES!