Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Visit with Nana Cill

Nana came for a visit last week and we had a great day. I got out for a bit and had my nails done for Erin's wedding reception and I dropped my phone into the water (that was a good one). Kyle got Nana Cill all to himself for a couple of hours; they played on his swing set, they did arts and crafts and Nana brought a little pumpkin that's he's still very excited about. We went to see the Clydesdale horses at a farm in Lakeville and they are just beautiful and then we hit Friendly's for some lunch. While at Friendly's, Kyle made friends (no pun intended) with a beautiful little girl who's mother gave me the best advice ever. I wish I could find her to thank her!! She informed me that she had a binky fairy who took the binky's to the baby's who needed them and she left gifts in it's place. Well, it freakin' works!!!! I never thought we'd say goodbye to the Deet, but we are 5 days strong and he didn't even ask for it once today. Of course, his teeth are going to fall out of his head because I've been giving in to dum dums every time he asks, but oh well. We have put a stop to the buck teeth and a lisp! I got off track, we had a great visit with Nana! She even turned Kyle into a photographer. He's now taking a spot behind the camera these days with a disposable. He's advances it, turns on the flash and I'm pretty sure he's getting us in the frame too! LOL At the rate he's going, this kids going to be smarter than me at age 4!

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