Monday, September 1, 2008


Deeda and Papa snagged a campsite at Massasoit over the weekend and Kyle learned that people actually do camp there and it's not just for walking! I LOVE camping, I don't love set up and packing so there is nothing more perfect then when your Dad does all the set up and you get to enjoy it. VERY nostalgic for us camping at Massasoit. We spent at least 2 weeks every summer camping there and although some will debate the actual campsite, we've agreed that it's either D10 or D12 (I vote D12). Even though we walk the campground quite often, I can't remember the last time we were swimming there. I'm pretty sure it looked a lot like this! (see awesome grandpa spinning happy little boy in circles) Thanks Bapa for continuing the tradition of being the rocking swim partner of Massasoit. There was a time when my Dad created lines of children waiting to be tossed into the air at the Lake. All the friends we'd made during our stay would love to hang with us and the coolest Dad around. We'd leap onto his back as he called out "whale ride". A ride that always had you skimming across the bottom of the Lake longer than your lungs could handle bringing you both to the surface like a shot laughing out loud. We'd jump onto his back when the fish got gutsy and nibbled at your legs, we'd shoot from the water with a white rock found at the bottom that always felt like a treasure. We'd leap from his big strong shoulders as if he was a 100ft tall. He always seemed it to me (still does) And now I sit on the shore watching my son enjoy all the same moments. Always a kid at heart Dad and thank goodness!


sara said...

isn't it crazy to try and think back of childhood memories! I recently discussed with my cousins playing when we were little and its amazing the things we came up with and how much time has passed!

and oh yeah, camping is way better when your parents do all the work!!!!

Suzanne said...

Erica - this is so nice to see!! By the way, I miss you like crazy. I am free this Sunday (and next Sunday) if you are...Bri has two full days of football games (Pats and Notre Dame). Zoo trip?