Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sledding in a Winter Wonderland

The snow started around 2pm and by 7 we were sledding across the street at Martin School. Who doesn't love a great snow storm! People freak out as if we are going to be stranded in our houses like the blizzard of '78 (even though I didn't witness it, I was in utero). My mother walked 7 months preggers downtown Whitman to shovel my dad out of the snow, tell me that's not determination! I do love the snow and so does our little spawn. Auntie Erin, Kyle and I were out at 4pm shoveling and playing in the snow and he had a blast. Then after dinner, Kyle, Matt, Me, Autie Erin, Uncle Eddy, Mike and Roger all hit the Martin School for some snowstorm fun. It's so fun having auntie next door. Ed hooked up the snowtube to the 4 wheel drive and took us for some fun rides and Kyle kept up like a trooper. The wind and snow was blowing in our faces and not 1 compaint out of Ky. We sledded down the back hill, Matt and I had a snowball fight and wrestled each other into the snow and Erin caught it all on film! After Ky fell asleep, we ended the night with some rocking tunes to Rockband!
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Suzanne said...

Love the pics, I wished I lived next door too!!

Hope you had fun, and are feeling good today too!!

Loved your messages on the blog :)