Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It was almost a white Christmas. The storm that blew in a few days earlier was lots of fun and we'd hoped for snow Christmas Eve as well, but it ended up being rain and washing away our A Christmas Story morning type dreams. No worries though, we had 24 hours to watch A Christmas Story on TBS and got the feel anyway. We certainly enjoyed the snow while it was here though! No Ky, we don't want to climb on top while Daddy's inside!

No fear...either of them!

Loco either....

We also had a wonderful Christmas. I have tons of video from our new video camera that I haven't figured out how to condense and download properly, someday maybe you'll get to see Kyle dancing to his little piano and drums Christmas morning with some real rhythm or that he insisted on calling Santa to thank him for his gifts! Santa did make a visit to Mammy and Papa's for Christmas Eve though, and the kids we very excited about that! Christmas day was nice and relaxed. I opted out of a full course meal, and grabbed Erin's recipe for homemade Chicken Pot Pie....twas delicious! Other bonus, not much clean-up and lots of leftovers:) Nana Cill came to visit Christmas Day and we had a great time. Kyle has been a cookie monster lately (although we don't usually have cookies in the house, there have been candy canes coming out my you know what and Kyle wants them morning, noon and night. So, Nana was on her toes when she got Kyle a Moooooooing cookie jar to catch sticky little fingers :) Christmas night was relaxed in our jammy's at Papa & Deeda's house. More wonderful gifts and more food!!! I took a stand and tossed all the leftover junk in the trash yesterday. My excuse for purging the kitchen.....A REMODEL!!! It's starts Jan. 3rd.....more to come on that project...stay tuned :)


Kara & Nick

Kyle and Auntie

Aunt Annie Alligator A A A

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sara said...

Glad you guys had a wonderful holiday! I need to see pics of ur dad, oh I mean santa w/ Kyle! :)