Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Girls Swap

For years we've been getting together for "the swap". Basically a reason to see each other, exchange gifts and have dinner. We've got some traditions that creep in and stick around; like best/worst wrap job; hostess gift offering. I think we should turn it into a jammy jam too :)It's funny how over the years its gone from a day where a bunch of girls who see eachother every day get together for Christmas, drink and talk about boys to a bunch of ADULTS (dare I say it) who hardly see eachother at all and look forward to a night to catch up on our busy lives. This year Chris May (I know you are married, but I don't usually like to give out full names here so we'll keep you incognito) was the gracious host at her beautiful home with yummy dinner, some wine and laughter. I will say that there was a missing link this year that was felt for sure, you know who you are and you were missed! I feel very blessed to have an amazing group of friends. And even though we don't see eachother or talk all that often, I think of you all and your lives and your families and cherish our times together. All my love!

Baby Bump!


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Brooke said...

Erica - I have been MIA on checking (and updating my own) blogs, but I was so happy to come upon this post. WOW! That photo took me glad to see how great everyone is doing. Hope that you had a great Christmas! Happy 2009!