Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Grady's do Storyland

The power of the secret couldn't ignore my calls when I begged for sun in the middle of this rainy summer. I know, I'm sick of hearing about it too, but we've only had 1 beach day! Anyhow, we headed up early on Friday to beat traffic and stopped for lunch at The Common Man which was a cool little place to eat and check out old time comic books and magazines they had for sale. Then we drove the Kangamangas Highway and looked for Moose the whole time. The rain and clouds we still ever present but I continued my chant "please be sunny tomorrow" When we reached the "resort" I was quickly reminded that Attitash is very much geared towards the winter months. I wasn't disgusted, but I wasn't pumped that our bed came out of the wall?! Anyhow, we headed for the pool, it was drizzly out and chilly, but the pool was a nice heated 80 degrees and we had fun. After our swim we headed into North Conway for some dinner and ice cream and hit the hay early in preparation for a long following day. Kyle was very excited about the crib they put in our room for him, it was a bit old fashioned but it was a roll away crib that he insisted on calling his "crate"! He was ask to hang out in his crate, so we let him! LOL
Saturday morning arrived and to our surprise (not really mine, because I knew the law of attraction was on my side) it was a beautiful sunny day! It didn't rain once all day and we could enjoy Storyland to its fullest and even hit up the Alpine slides in the afternoon. Kyle was very tired and in rare form by the time we headed back for dinner but he had a blast. Of course Sunday morning (father's day) we woke up to ...wait for it....wait for it... RAIN! We packed up early and head back to Ma. to enjoy the rain in the comfort of our town :)
Alpine slides (side note, he had to ride a chair lift to the top and did it twice with no fear)

He couldn't really get any great bounce, but he had fun anyway

*the crate!

cool pic
Big bad wolf doesn't scare him!

He talked about this Humpty Dumpty for days, it and the Polar Coaster were his favs

Moooooo. This thing was milkable?! Oh yeah, he milked it too.

Tracker ride after ice cream

my handsome guys

"look ma, no hands!"

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