Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fiesta, Feshta, Feast...

..call it what you will, but the truth of the matter is that the Fiesta is the greatest 3 days a year to happen to East Taunton. I'll admit that when I first starting dating Matt and he and his family talked about the coming of the Fiesta as if it were the coming of The President; I just didn't get it. I mean, it's not like Thanksgiving eve at Condon's, right? WRONG! Almost 7 years deep and now I get it. When I see the signs going up that the dates have been set for the 3 day party I can begin to taste the marinated pork sandwiches and hear the Portuguese music in my head. Now there is another generation of Feshta lovers in town, my son and his friends! Lulu talks about the worries the Feast brings to the parents when the kids are old enough to venture out for the 3 day bender, waiting patiently by the police scanner to make sure the Dutra or Grady names aren't being called. I do see this in my future, however, I love ever minute of the excitement the Fiesta brings to the town and our family. Of course my wallet would disagree, but hell its only 1 weekend out of the year.

Kyle saw the lights and rides going up in the days prior and was so excited I don't think that there is a word to describe it. Auntie Erin also lives for the Fiesta and we all played into his excitement. We kicked off Friday night with Auntie Erin and Kyle rode every ride he could time and time and time again with the same laugh and smile every time as if it was his 1st ride. He especially loved the dragon roller coaster. He's just like his mommy loving the rides! I have a future adrenalin seeker to try out the biggest roller coasters with me that we can find and I can't wait!

Saturday Matt, Ky and I took a boat ride, did some fishing and anchored up to the beach in Onset. We topped off the day with round 2 of the Feast! Another great night of games, rides, sandwiches and dancing. We were joined by Kallie and Kara to add to our fun. Matt cooked meat on a stick over the fire pit and caught up with some old friends.

Sunday we spent the day in West Island and I got to meet a lot of the Seekell family (Matt's grandmother's side) who'd come up from Florida for a reunion. Delicious stuffed Quahogs and Quahog chowda, sitting in the sun on the beach and watching Kyle ham it up for the family who've never met him. We finished off the day by hitting the Fiesta for the final night and met up with The Mitchell family so Kyle had a chance to ride all the rides and play the games with his favorite little girls. They are too adorable and of course that day I didn't have my camera with me. Auntie Erin, Uncle Eddy, Uncle Benny were all there and we ended the long, tiring, fun weekend with a bang. We were on 1st name basis with many of the carnies (who I personally love talking too) and even got a few free runs through the fun house for the kids while we chatted. Uncle Eddy made a run to Drunkin Donuts for us all and we had lots of laughs.

Needless to say, Kyle had a great weekend. The Fiesta proved to be everything and more than what he was hoping for and the 11pm bedtime for 3 nights in a row proved tiring for us all. He woke up Monday morning and literally the 1st words from his mouth were "Can we go to the Fiesta?" He took it pretty hard to find out that the 3 days were up and we'd have to wait an entire year before seeing the Feast again. So, I drove to NH and we spent the day with his Aunties and cousins at Canobie Lake! LOL

Fun house
Kallie on the swings

more prizes ( I think he ended up with 11 total)

Auntie Erin, my partner in crime

purple monkey, that funky monkey

Uncle Eddy contributed to many of the 11 prizes won
Kyle and his cousins

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