Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cleaning the house is over-rated

The famed and much needed right hand pointer finger is out of commission. It was injured in a window cleaning accident. *WARNING - DO NOT CLEAN YOUR WINDOWS A window lost its spring today just in time to land directly on my finger. It &**^% hurt! I walked in circles for a few minutes wondering if this was really worthy of an ER trip...I mean its just a finger, right? Then I looked down at it and watched it swell to twice its size in about 30 seconds. I tried the Dr. 1st who was on lunch. Doesn't she know I just smashed my finger, who goes to lunch? So, I'll try an urgent care clinic, all they'll do is wrap it up and call it a day. Well, they needed a referral from the out to lunch Dr. GD it! Hi Ho, its off to the ER I go. Papa Dan was my chauffeur and there was not 1 single person in the ER, yippee! They x-rayed my finger determined its just crushed not broken and sent me home all wrapped up. Looks like I won't be cleaning for a while (snicker, snicker)!

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