Thursday, July 23, 2009

Arbonne Q&A

Erin has a good friend who is a direct sales rep for Arbonne. I had planned on attending the party for the snacks only; having been to many of these "parties" over the years from Silpada to Mary Kay and so on and being fairly unimpressed. However, I have to say I found this meeting chalk full of information. There is always that bit of car salesmen stuff going on, but this rep was not pushy at all and she had some great information. I am forever looking for the product that clears up my oily prone to breakouts skin and have been since I was a teenager. I had found some success with Proactive over the past couple of years but in recent months I felt that I wasn't getting the results from it that I had gotten in the beginning. My pores feel extra clogged and my skin feels bumpy. She was informing me about the latest complaints of Proactiv being just that; that the product opens up the pores so wide in the begining to flush out the impurities but does not shrink them back resulting in quick positive results, but overall wide open clogged pores. Ugh! She was also talking alot about the Arbonne products being animal and animal byproduct free and talked about what that means. Just because its not tested on animals doesn't mean that most companies haven't used "parts" of animals to help create their product. All in all I was impressed by the presentation and hopefully the product once my order arrives. I know that some of us (me) are quick to bash a product or system and not always give praise when its due, so here's my good deed for the day. Go Arbonne! (until my skin doesn't respond and I'm pissed off)


Brooke said...

I hope that you like it! I have used a few Arbonne products that I really, really like. The baby stuff is good, too. Good luck!

Suzanne said...

I hear great things too and really wonder what all these chemicals in most consumer goods are doing to us...let me know how you like it!!

Erica said...

Well, if it goes well I might be begging you to book a party with me :) Although I don't know how great of a salesperson I'd be....a bit too honest in some areas!