Sunday, November 30, 2008

WHHS Thanksgiving Day game...

It was tradition that my Dad and I would go to the game the morning of Thanksgiving and my Mom and Sis would hang at home preparing dinner and watching the Macy's parade. It's been many years since my Dad and I have gone so you can imagine my excitement when he suggested we take Kyle to his 1st game. Funny that this tradition pegged me as the "football daughter" when really all I cared about was finding friends, dressing cool and watching the cheerleading stunts. I had moments when I pretended like the game was really important, but I was usually looking across the field to see if I could find any of my friends or watch the Green Wave cheerleaders fall on their faces. (or what I was hoping them to do) As the years went by I bumped into less and less people and started dressing warm rather than cool. This year was a beautiful day and what a difference going back to the field. 1st of all, you aren't allowed to walk the track anymore so everyone is jammed behind a fence crawling over eachother, my whole school is gone which is just weird, I hardly saw anyone and those who I did see I literally could barly recognize so I wasn't quite sure if I should approach and to my Dad's dismay the team sucks! Sorry, but we used to be known for tooling on the Green Wave and they won by a landslide. But, it was great to spend the day with my Dad and bring Kyle to his 1st game. I'm pretty sure I'll get used to the changes and keep the tradition alive. Here are some shots of what Kyle preferred to do; climb the "spider web". I'm pretty sure he didn't even know we were at a football game. We sat for a little while next to the band and he was clapping and cheering them on. Then he insisted on getting a hot chocolate and begged to drink it steaming hot, by the time it cooled down he didn't believe me and wouldn't drink it! Good time.

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