Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Fall Back"

Loaded statement. Does it imply "fall back" into the cold, "fall back into the longest afternoons known to a SAHM,"fall back" into cabin fever? Sorry to be Debbie the Downer here folks but this is killing me! Why don't I ever remember this driving me so nuts? It might not be helping that Kyle has given up naps so no break for Mom midday and pretty much trapped in the house from 4:30 until bedtime. Did I mention we are planning a remodel on our kitchen and bath?! Hoooooray! So I spend a lot of my boring stuck in the house time trying to get Kyle to agree to go shopping around for prices and if he has to look at one more appliance he might kill me. I'm considering a giant spotlight aiming towards the swingset in the backyard to tide us over until at least dinnertime. If I allow us to watch Dora on Demand again I might be the worst mother ever. Legos are keeping us busy for a while, building a lot of cakes. According to Ky I have a birthday every day. The arts and crafts table is still going strong so that's a plus. Gobble gobble is just around the corner and boy do I love that my Mother in Law loves to cook :) Although, I'm pretty sure I'll make a few more meals in the "new" kitchen. That's what I've promised at least. And don't drop dead, but I'm getting a dishwasher too! Never had one in my life, is that even possible you say, why yes it is. Sorry, no pics to post..soon they tell me, soon she'll be home safe and sound. Ta ta for now. Why I am channeling Tigger I don't know..?

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Anonymous said...

What? You've never had a dishwasher?