Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm heading across the street to the school to vote because I have an advantage to see whether or not it's busy...it's not right now. I won't say how I'm voting because I'm not political enough to argue my vote responsibly. I'll just say it rhymes with Flicshain... I will say that I am not typically R or D just go with what feels right and truthfully, the running mate is what feels right this time around. I'm a regular gal, living in a regular world. I guess I said a lot more than I originally claimed. Anyway....not being super political, I do feel it's important to vote, mostly on the local level so here's my 1 time of year you'll ever hear me get on a soap box and say "Vote"!

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Suzanne said...

We are on the same page - my friend!!!!