Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where have I been?

Nowhere!!! ha ha Just hanging in the yard with my little bugger planting flowers and far away from the computer is all. Ky had been up until about 9pm these days playing in the nice weather and up again at 5AM with the birds a chirpin'! As soon as the sun hits his face in the morning he is ready to go outside and play. I can say that in 4 years the yard that I bust my butt in is finally starting to show signs of my hard work. The pink dogwood we planted along the tree line in the back the 1st year we moved in flowered beautifully this year and Matt added 2 gorgeous apple trees for mother's day to join it. The vegtable garden is also starting to look like I evisioned, some nice flowering plants around the edge and we'll be having fresh Cucumber, Corn, Sqaush and Green beens from it this year! Yippee! I am sure Kyle will have a blast picking the veggies; especially corn on the cob, his favorite! He made me cook corn on the cob at 10AM a couple of weeks ago. How do you argue or say no to a kid who's begging for corn?!

We had a beautiful wedding shower for Auntie Erin last week that went perfectly! Yummy food, great friends and family, fun times with toilet paper! And most of all, Erin enjoyed herself and was happy. We are so excited about Jamaica. It will be Ky's 1st trip on a plane. I'm sure he'll have everyone wrapped around his finger by the end of the flight.

Let's see, what else has been going on. Not too much! Enjoying my favorite time of year, with my favorite people!

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