Friday, September 16, 2011

Crisis averted!

Because Kyle doesn't have a sibling (and assures me he doesn't want one to those of you who hound me on a weekly basis) he takes things into his own hands and creates his own playmates.  We all remember Jaryld the stuffed hampster, yes? Well, for some reason Jaryld went missing during the move and thankfully things were so busy and new and exciting that Jaryld simply went to the wayside and we haven't heard of him since.  We do    however have a new friend, Pig Pen!  (seen in Kyle's backpack below)

Try to focus on that cute little pig and not that beautiful boy if possible.  So, I have been given the task of babysitting Pig Pen while Ky is off at Kindergarten and I won't lie, it's a tough task.  I've been given a list of things to know about her including nap times, favorite foods, bath times and an extra leash in order to walk her.    This is no joke in case some of you think I'm exaggerating at all, it's the real deal my friends.  With the background set I'll move on to the "crisis" if you will.  After school yesterday Kyle came home and headed to Mammy's room for some down time with Pig Pen.  While catching up on Spongebob they were playing, he tossed her in the air and the ceiling fan took her for a ride to the top of the bookcase.  Seemed like a simple solution right? I grabbed a ladder and climbed my broken butt up to get our friend Pig Pen.....and Surprise!  The bookshelf was a built-in beside the fireplace as an afterthought I'm guessing and there is a large space behind it roughly 2 sq ft deep/wide and 10 ft deep!!!!  Yay for me!  Bedtime, injured back, trapped Pig Pen and distraught little boy - so what's a girl to do but get to work designing a Pig Pen recovery system.  I worked for about an hour with mirrors, belts, sticky lint rollers, coat hangers, flashlight, hooks, etc....  it was an interesting sight and to no avail.  Matt called in the middle of it and decided he would re-route his trip home and stop to pick up a replacement Pig Pen "just in case". Kyle cried himself to sleep in my arms missing Pig Pen and broke my heart in pieces while I promised to get her out.  Matt got home in time to slip the "new" Pig Pen into his arms before falling asleep a bit more soundly.  This solution was short lived when Ky woke up this AM and the 1st thing out of his mouth was "Pig Pen is so clean and soft, Mom".  Uh oh!  "Moooommmmmm, Pig Pen looks different!!" and here come the tears........  Daddy got to work on the bookshelf Pig Pen recovery asap and with some fishing gear and tape and Voila!! Pig Pen was recovered just before running to the bus this morning.  Kyle literally cried tears of joy when Daddy handed over the correct, dirty, un-soft Pig Pen.  Happily ever after :)

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