Friday, October 9, 2009

You did what?!

Matt left last week at 2AM to drive to the cape for a fishing trip on a good friends boat. He arrived home that night about 9PM with some great stories and pics. I'm a borderline worrier. If I allowed myself to think about the dangers of Matt's job hanging off of roofs all day long and recreational outings in the middle of the Atlantic with no cell phone reception, I'd have to be heavily sedated. He's a smart man and I trust his judgement so I don't allow myself to worry too much. And then he comes home with a story that goes a little like this; him hanging off the back of a fishing vessel, hooked into a 900lb tuna that pulled him overboard enough so that his entire upper body was underwater and his friend grabbed onto his legs pulling him back into the boat. The best part of that story? He never let go of the fish and they landed the dam thing! Now do you see why I can't allow myself to worry? If I thought of that crap every time he went out fishing I'd have to be in a coma to let him go. The smile on his face and the laugh he lets out while telling that story actually makes me happy, I know I'm twisted, but he loves it! How can you not be happy for the person you love to have such a great day doing something that makes him that happy? OK that said; it will be an entirely different story when Kyle wants to go.....ugh!

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sara said...

WHOA!!!! I feel like they couldn't have come up w/ a better story if they tried!!! That is nuts, Im glad your man is ok and walked away with a smile! :)