Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm a HUGE slacker, I know

I need to make more time for Blogging and less time for Bejewled Blitz I see! A month, really! Yikes. Let's see; where should I begin.

Kyle is a pre-schooler and successfully at that. The 1st day went really well, he got all dolled up, rolled his Diego backpack around and posed for pics like a champ. Daddy and Papa Billy Bob came with us for 1st day drop-off and it helped us both out a lot. I was VERY sad......very very very sad. I choked back my tears and put on a happy face for my little boy and actually never allowed myself to turn on the water works at all, even after I left the school. His teacher is amazing. I got a great, comforting feeling from her right away which is good feeling. He was given his own little cubby for his belongings with his picture on it and he went right for the sand table to play. Once his attention was on playing I kissed him on the head and quietly creptout the door. The following 4 hours were very strange for me. All I kept thinking about was "is he OK", "wonder what he's doing now", "I hope he's not crying" and I did break down and call to make sure he was fine. The teacher told me that he had a moment when he noticed I had left and cried a bit, but them found the sticky blocks and built a rocket ship. He was so excited to see me when I went to pick him up!!!! I don't get that often from him because he's not all the often away from me and when he is he's with his other most favorite people in the world so he never really misses me at all. He made friends, made arts & crafts, sat quietly during story time, played outside and learned about apples all in one morning and he was tired.

The next few drops offs were a little bit more difficult, it wasn't new and exciting anymore, now it was just "Mommy's not staying with me" and it made him sad. Every day has gotten a little bit easier and this week on Tuesday he was waiting at the door with his backpack wanting to leave early because his bestest friend in the whole world Bella was going that day too. I warned his teacher that the two of them were going to melt her heart when she saw how much they love each other. They sat together during story-time holding hands saying how much they love the other one and during the day if they lost track of each other one would always seek out the other to check -in. I have never seen a friendship at 3 years old like Kyle and Bella.

So he's got about 10 days at school under his belt now and he's doing really well. Brings home art and stories that filter out of him throughout the day, new songs, dances and new friends. I'm very proud of him.

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